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Mutant Covid "Nothing to Worry About" and "Thrown in to Justify Lockdowns" Say Experts

The fear and hysteria created by the mutated Covid virus announcement was done to 'justify' the tier 4 lockdown, so says Professor Karol Sikora.

by Darren Birks - Editor of Vision News Online

The Professor, in an interview with Talk Radio said "The pessimist in me thinks this has been given attention to add justification to areas being put into further restrictions." and went on to say "As always, we need caution not panic with these things. Sensationalist reporting does not help people who probably don’t understand the complexities of virus mutations."

"The virus has mutated, well, so what? Viruses mutate all the time".

"As it stands, there is no need for mass panic about this particular variation. Evolution drives mutation as the virus fine tunes itself for its changing environment."

Vincent Racaniello, Professor of Virology at Columbia University, and co-author of the textbook Principles of Virology, echoes Professor Sikora's analysis in a new video and explains why he is not worried about the new virus variant either, he says: "The Government’s evidence, is all 'circumstantial', being based in poor epidemiological data rather than biological data, and beset with problems of relying on PCR testing, which “does not detect infectious virus”.

He goes on to say "The argument of NERVTAG [SAGE] is completely flawed” and that he "sees no reason to think this mutation is any more concerning than any of the others that have been identified." “If anything this variant is going to cause less severe disease,” he says.

The announcement of more counties going into Tier 4 Lockdown was also 'justified' under the premise that the NHS must be 'saved' (again) and that this new Super Mutant Ninja Variant would be more virulent. This too is not backed up by the facts. Ross Clark of the Spectator has crunched the numbers and found there seems no reason to think the new variant is any more deadly.

Ross calculates:

For every 1,000 cases in London in the week to November 25th, there were approximately 3.5 deaths in the week to December 11th. The corresponding figure for the South East was 5.3. In the North West, where the new variant was a lot less common, the figure was 3.9. It was 3.5 for the North East, 4.3 for Yorkshire and the Humber, 3.5 for the North East, 6.2 for the West Midlands and 5.1 for the East Midlands.

No sign of a swelling infection fatality rate. Just swelling panic and hype.

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