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Neil Ferguson Up to His Old Tricks Again With 'Mutant Covid' Theory

But why should we trust anything that this c*nt says?

An Editorial by Darren Birks

If any of the Covid hysteria of the last week felt familiar then you’d be right to think so, because the predictions about this (mutated) virus coming to kill us all is from one Neil Ferguson. The same Neil Ferguson whose wildly inaccurate predictions lead us, and much of Europe, into the first lockdown. If you thought that Ferguson’s resignation from SAGE, following his own rule-breaking, meant that that would be the last we’d all see of him, you were wrong, very wrong.

Ferguson may have publicly resigned from his post but that was just for show. He is still advising Boris Johnson on the spread of viruses, a subject that, it is now clear, he knows fuck-all about. Throwing darts at a phonebook would have been about as accurate as Ferguson’s predictions. To put his track record into perspective, over the last two decades Ferguson has been wrong on every single Virus outbreak. These weren’t just ‘margins of error’ these were wildly inaccurate predictions. SARS; Swine Flu; Bird Flu H1N1; all hailed by Ferguson as a coming apocalypse, all proved to be nothing of the sort.

He has been described as “an incompetent fantasist” with many wondering just how he still holds such an influential position in Government when his track record is no better than random chance. Now, it has emerged that, far from him resigning he just changed seats (a favourite trick of the public sector) and has carried on doing exactly what he was doing before: making crappy computer models to frighten Boris Johnson with.

Suddenly, all of this starts to make sense doesn't it? Ferguson is still at the centre of all this, occupying the Doctor Strangelove seat. His name appears on the list of 15 members of NERVTAG who met for two hours on Friday December 18th – between 11am and 1pm – that concluded the new variant of COVID-19, named VUI 2020 12/01 “demonstrates a substantial increase in transmissibility compared to other variants” and where the 70% figure came from, Something that Carl Henegan, an actual Virologist and not a computer modeller, debunked within minutes of the announcement.

A day later, Prime Minister Boris Johnson appeared on television to perform a spectacular U-turn, effectively cancelling Christmas for millions of people across London and the South East all on the sayso of someone who has never got a single pandemic right in twenty years. What was Ferguson doing there anyway? Our investigation revealed that, rather than resigning in May after his shag-fest, he merely took some gardening leave and was back as a member of NERVTAG (a subgroup of SAGE) within two months.

Ferguson was happy to receive praise in May for stepping down to protect the Government’s credibility during lockdown. His sackcloth and ashes appearance on TV was insincere and smug, and now it appears that is because he knew that nothing had changed, he was simply going to slither back into the shadows for a couple of months. It also calls into question the Government’s own assertions in May that Ferguson had stepped down from his NERVTAG role but in reality, these technocrats can do exactly as they like, they are untouchable.

So next time you hear about a super mutant virus that we must destroy society to stop the spread of, just remember whose saying it, it’s this absolute c*nt.

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