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Mysterious Mutant Covid Just Happens To Appear a Week Before Christmas

This mysterious mutant virus definitely isn’t a lie by Whitty and Vallance at all. Yes they faked the entire figures for November's lockdown; and yes, both stand to become multi-millionaires if they can get enough of the public to take their vaccine; and yes, they more than meet the criteria of a criminal investigation being up to their necks in Means; Motive; and Opportunities; and yes this virus has mutated some 12,000 times already, with 3 major mutations happening in June, August and September with nobody raising an eyebrow; and yes, it's a coincidence that this mutation has emerged in, London and Kent, the 2 areas that have been abiding by lockdown rules the least, and yes, it just happened to appear the week before Christmas.

Originally they told us it was just a lockdown for 3 weeks to save lives; then it was to "flatten a curve"; then it was to "save the NHS"; then it was to get the R number below 1, then it was just until a vaccine arrived. Now it is because the virus has mutated, and there's no doubt that when the public gets wise to that lie there will be yet another ‘crisis’ that, if we can just get over, we can all go back to normal life.

If Lockdowns worked then why are we having another one? If Lockdowns don't work, then why are we having another one?

The entire month of January will be a total lockdown, even more severe than the first. This will be blamed on those who "broke the rules" and saw their families over Christmas. The compassionate, ordinary folk who just want to spend Christmas with their family and friends after a horrible year will be the villains of the piece. But once January comes to an end the Mysterious Mutant Covid will have gotten a foothold, and, unfortunately, that'll mean lockdowns will have to continue to get the R rate down for this new super-strain of Covid. The second Covid Vaccine will become available in February, but alas, only works for standard Covid, as the boffins will tell us it is ineffective against the new mutation and we will have to continue in Lockdown for fear that we may 'overwhelm the NHS'. In case you hadn't realised yet, they can keep this game up indefinitely, they're enjoying it. They won't stop, they will have to BE stopped.

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