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74% Of British Public Gullible; Shocking Result of YouGov Poll

Nearly three quarters of Britons are gullible tw@ts it has emerged. According to the Pollsters YouGov, 74% of those questioned believe the Government's narrative about killer-plagues and mutant viruses at Christmas.

Even after the lies have been revealed, and the 'experts' have been proved wrong time and time again, the vast majority still accept everything the Government and BBC tells them. The Poll also reveals that gullible tw@ts are fairly evenly distributed between the two main parties, and not, as you might think, limited to just one.

However, as no-one has ever been questioned by a YouGov pollster it may be the case that these figures aren't real. Let's hope so, because that many gullible people in Britain is a mighty scary thought.

Darren Birks is the Editor of Vision News Online

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