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2-Week UK Lockdown to Go Ahead as SAGE Play Same Trick as They Did in March

"Thousands will die if we don't lockdown" claim Ferguson and Whitty, despite all evidence pointing to the opposite.

A two-week national lockdown in October will be announced next week according to sources in the Government. In a meeting held on Wednesday night, SAGE scientists, including fantasist Neil Ferguson (still part of the advisory group despite resigning from one post), and Vaccination-merchant Chris Whitty, suggested half-term would be a good time to shut the country down to minimise school disruptions.

The Government had claimed that 'no firm decisions have been made yet', but the chief scientific adviser and medical officer have been busily playing the exact same trick that they played in March, claiming that "a significant number of deaths" by the end of October if no action is taken despite no evidence to support their claims. This was the exact same 'blackmail' trick used to apply pressure on the PM, and so prompted him into action, back in March. That too was sold as a two-week lockdown that turned into 3 months.

This gang of nihilists won't be happy until they have destroyed society. Their desire to place us all under house arrest again has no basis in reality and they seem entirely too eager to inflict it on us. The statistics, already stretched, tortured and manipulated to fit the hypothesis, are now clear for all to see. Whilst Whitty, Ferguson and their cronies point at increasing infections as proof of their doomsday prophecy, deaths from Covid-19, the only relevant metric in all of this, continue to be in single figures on many days a month. Infections are irrelevant, it doesn't matter how many tests are performed, If you have to have a team of scientists just to prove you have the virus then it's not exactly problematic is it?

Covid-19 is relatively harmless for the vast majority of the population (hence the dubious necessity for mass vaccination) but poses a statistically significant mortality risk for a very small cohort of the population with impaired immune systems, evidenced not only by the median age of death (82 years) but more significantly, the presence of co-morbidities (90%+ cases).

Even taking the governments own figures, the mortality rate for Covid-19 is miniscule.

Of a population some 66.8 million a death rate of 41,705 equates to 0.0006. Whilst the 'experts' squark about infection rates showing them as red charts stretched to exaggerate the increase, actual death figures have remained tiny for months. In fact several days in August saw no deaths at all from the Virus in the entire UK, and yet the media failed to mention this once.

Ferguson, despite his resignation, is still very much at the centre of all this. Still advising the government and Boris Johnson appears to buy into Ferguson's predictions. Ferguson now claims that without social distancing the death toll would have been over 200,000 deaths, but considering he hasn't got any pandemic predictions even remotely right in his 20 year tenure there's no reason (nor evidence) to suggest that is correct. More likely Ferguson is marking his own homework and talking bollocks again.

Even if you discounted deaths and concentrated on hospitalisations the figures still don't support the lunacy of another lockdown. Covid Wards across the country are empty and have been for weeks. In fact entire Covid Hospitals stand idle, never having seen a single patient come through the door. The irony, of course, is that it was precisely because of the hysteria whipped up by these stories that caused the Government to wildly over-estimated the likely demand for critical care and that, as a consequence, hospitals didn’t take other patients, leaving up to 16,000 people dead for want of medical attention with many more to come. In fact, the Government is about to ask hospitals to clear their beds again ahead of the fabled second wave.

The numbers do not add up for any type of lockdown, local or national. The death figures for England have been 'adjusted' dropping by over 5000 because they were vastly exaggerated, with many experts claiming are still hugely inflated, whilst this week Scotland's number of Covid hospital patients were slashed from 262 to just 48 as stats were 'overplayed' by 80%”. Anywhere you look you see exaggerations, hysteria and lies. Bolton, a town that, it was suggested had to go into Lockdown because infection rates had 'skyrocketed' there actually had just TWO COVID-19 patients in hospital despite being 'England’s locked-down virus hotspot'.

A two-week lockdown will, of course, not be restricted to just two weeks, just as the last one wasn't. If its start is mid October then it will pass beyond Christmas and into the new year. The second the restrictions are lifted, mysteriously, cases will begin to rise and so the spiral will continue. Note that, increasingly, there will be constant references to a 'second wave', which you know to be nonsense, because we haven't had a first yet.

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