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More Evidence There is NO Pandemic as Another Hospital 'Like Ghost Town'

As the BBC run it's lead story; 'NHS Trusts report being overwhelmed', yet another video emerges online showing a hospital entirely empty with no signs of a pandemic at all.

The Video, filmed by a member of the public and sent to free speech blogger Martin Costello, shows Gloucestershire's main Hospital, a county of over 900,000 people, completely deserted. Martin added "An EERIE silence in Gloucester Royal Hospital that is a far cry from the overflowing wards that we are led to believe!"

The video is by no means unique, an almost identical video, this time of Chester's main Hospital, was uploaded only 2 days ago by the same blogger.

Martin Costello comments on it: "We are told of 'rammed hospitals' because of the pandemic however it could not be further from the truth as seen in Countess of Chester Hospital!

People need to film their local hospitals, post the pictures and ask staff how busy they are. We are being played like a fiddle while living in a satellite state of North Korea!"

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