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'Freedom Day' Starts Countdown to Next Lockdown in 'Five Weeks Time' Warns Chris Whitty

If you think this is the end of lockdowns then read on.

Following the now predictable pattern, two days before we reach 'Freedom Day' Psychopath Chris Whitty has been all over the media with more scare stories about a coming apocalypse.

England’s Chief Medical Officer claimed that the number of people in hospital with Covid is currently doubling every three weeks and could reach “quite scary numbers” if the trend continues. The number of people testing positive for the virus was claimed to be 48,553 on the day he gave his prediction, the highest figure for six months, yet the deaths were at just 63.

Speaking at a webinar hosted by the Science Museum, Prof Whitty said: “We are not by any means out of the woods yet on this, we are in much better shape due to the vaccine programme, and drugs and a variety of other things."

“But this has got a long way to run in the UK, and it’s got even further to run globally” then, fighting the desire to smirk, Whitty said Boris Johnson may have to "look again" at reimposing restrictions in "five, six, seven, eight weeks' time"

Johnson too had been rowing back on what he'd promised, urged people not to “throw caution to the winds” and acknowledged there would be more hospital admissions and deaths from Covid-19 to come during “difficult days and weeks ahead”.

But all this is just theatre because plans for new lockdowns, that could start as early as SEPTEMBER, have already been drawn up. Between now and then a series of fear campaigns have been created that will run in the media over the summer to condition the public for further lockdowns, whilst five million healthy people will be told to self isolate by the NHS App this week as a stop gap measure.

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