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Pingdemic or Ping-Lockdown? Government to Make Five Million Lockdown on 'Freedom Day'

It’s been called a Pingdemic, and said that the NHS app is ‘too sensitive’ (ie works too well) causing millions to have to self isolate. Lockdown by the back door anyone?

Questions are now being raised about the NHS Track and Trace App as it appears to have suddenly gone into overdrive and is demanding more and more people ‘lockdown’ as freedom day arrives.

Smart people of course never downloaded the app. Any App that enables the government to track you wherever you go and can put you under house arrest was never going to be accepted by anyone who valued their freedom. But millions have downloaded it and should expect a demand to self isolate coming in the next seven days as PHE use the app as a way of extending lockdowns by the back door.

The app, up until 2 weeks ago you'll remember, was claimed not to work at all and was ‘not fit for purpose’, now all of a sudden, it not only works but is catching people who only briefly came into contact with another positive case. And, as freedom day gets closer, more and more people are being pinged. Coincidence? There seems to be a lot of them of late.

Whilst the mainstream media run endless stories about the app being too sensitive, and that businesses are being crippled by staff having to self isolate they have all missed, or perhaps ignored, the much more obvious reason why all of a sudden this app is pinging millions of people, none of whom are ill, as freedom day approaches.

Users of the App will be aware that it provides no evidence of who you came into contact with, where or when the infection supposedly happened, only that they have been selected by the autonomous system to self isolate for 14 days. Someone who isn't ill has been in the vague vicinity of someone else who isn't ill. Or someone has been moving about a little too much, visiting the wrong places, meeting with the wrong people, or even just a random number on a list. The Government can now demand lockdown on an individual level, and that should frighten every single person in the UK.

Why bother with the aggravation of trying to implement another lockdown, and face the inevitable scrutiny that comes with it when, at the flick of a switch, you can lockdown millions simply by triggering an app on their phone? The government know these are the most compliant anyway, so it’s a ‘no brainer'.

The lies exposed. Watch the video Youtube banned.

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