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Covid Restrictions for NEXT FIVE WINTERS as Whitty Gets His Way

Now we know why he has been acting strange all week.

Whilst Chris Whitty was announcing that the country should open up on the 19th of July he was secretly creating plans to implement Covid restrictions for the NEXT FIVE WINTERS.

A draft blueprint created for ministers lists masks, social distancing and even more lockdowns, to combat what SAGE claim will be future waves of infection and overwhelming the NHS (yes, that old Pony again) Measures could include working from home temporarily or a limit on indoor gatherings, according to the Daily Mirror. Basically the same lies said for the last 18 months.

The plan, also includes more jabs as the technocrats push the idea that each variant must have its own vaccine. Chris Wormald, a top civil servant at the Department of Health, said that he is 'confident health secretary Sajid Javid can be convinced of the need for the five-year plan despite his more hawkish position on lockdown restrictions', but as we reported this week, Javid is a Covidian, and had voted for all restrictions to date, so no convincing needed.

Javid, who took the reins as Health Secretary last Saturday following Matt Hancock’s resignation, vowed to end all Covid restrictions on July 19. He stressed the unlocking was “irreversible”.

Professor Chris Whitty has repeatedly and systematically claimed that we shouldn't end lockdowns, every milestone of the roadmap we reach has seen Whitty briefing against the plan, rushing to the media with doomsday stories as the pathetic specimen of a man desperately clings on to the power and influence he has acquired. Up until Javid took office Whitty was still claiming the apocalypse for Britain if we ended restrictions on the 19th.

Then something changed. The Chief Medical Officer for England suddenly went from doom-laden predictions of 240,000 more deaths over the summer, to “cautiously optimistic” and then suggesting that is reported to have told cabinet ministers earlier this week that July 19 remains the best time to unlock the country.

It all seemed odd, completely out of character, now we know why. A cabinet source told The Times: “The view among the scientists was that we should get as much open this summer as possible before winter, which will be much more difficult." It's now clear that Whitty and his conspirators haven't lost any of their power or influence, the medical fascists haven't just retained their stranglehold on the country, they have tightened it. They've been given control of our lives until 2026.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jul 04, 2021

We DO NOT consent. F off

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