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The Guardian Spells C*nt Wrong

In a sycophantic piece by Ian Sample and Heather Stewart the Guardian claim Chris Whitty "A class act" and a "calm authority amid the Covid crisis" when what they meant to say was that he is an "absolute cunt."

Apparently, the Guardian consider themselves 'a newspaper', who knew? With their latest article reporting the 'important news' that Chris Whitty is 'calm under pressure' and a 'safe pair of hands'. The article's sub-headline reads: 'Plaudits abound for straight-talking chief medical officer, with one fan wishing ‘we could clone him'. not bile inducing at all.

The article starts with an asinine quote from former tv presenter and pasta sauce merchant Loyd Grossman. "most people would agree that he’s kind of busy. But he seems to wind down by doing more work.” No danger a TV chef challenging Whitty's dubious motives, fake-data, narcissism, or links to Bill Gates here, surprise, surprise.

The ace Guardian reporters go on to say: "The quip about Prof Chris Whitty, a household name after dozens of Downing Street press conferences, may not be far off the mark. Beyond his central role in the Covid crisis as England’s chief medical officer (CMO), the 54-year-old made time to teach at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), and deliver public lectures at Gresham College, where Grossman is chair." We could tell from the headline this puff-piece was going to tell us nothing, and we weren't wrong. This really is wank.

The absolute bollocks continues with "Whitty did not put his feet up over Christmas. While politicians took a break at the end of a brutal year, he clocked on as an NHS consultant and spent Christmas and new year on the acute medical unit at University College hospital in London. Junior staff were amazed to see him and hugely impressed by his commitment, knowledge and clinical skills, one colleague says. When Whitty Zoomed into an official Covid meeting over the festive period, ministers and civil servants initially peered at the backdrop, wondering where he was – before realising he was at the hospital." We can gather from this pointless paragraph that he did some work, just as millions of others did without the obscene amounts of money Whitty is bleeding from the British public. If we are supposed to be impressed by this news then they're wide by a mile.

They continue "The crisis has demanded dedication and stamina, but Whitty has also needed the trust of those around him. One of his skills has been to maintain the confidence of politicians and academics – two groups that do not always see eye to eye, Prof David Heymann notes. “That is quite an accomplishment: it takes integrity to satisfy both groups.” Where do you start with a paragraph that is wrong on every count? Firstly, Whitty always appears half asleep at press briefing, and is about as dynamic as a damp rag (with all the personality). The truth is he has maintained the 'confidence' of only some politicians and a few academics. Those either gullible enough to by his fake science' or who are complicit in the Pandemic charade.

But wait, it get's better, they go on to claim “People trust him because he bases his decisions on evidence." Firstly most savvy people trust him about as far as they can throw him because they can see him for the lying charlatan he is. But the biggest insult here is the suggestion that he bases anything he does on evidence. NOTHING he has done has been based on evidence: He has systematically cherry-picked data to fit an agenda, whilst simultaneously dismissing evidence from other scientists as a 'conspiracy theory' or 'wrong'.

But the bile-inducing piece continues. "I’ve seen him stick to his principles when he’s challenged. He’s not willing to sell himself off,” adds Heymann, a former chair of Public Health England who is head global health security at the thinktank Chatham House. 'not willing to sell himself off'? What does that actually mean? It implies he is someone of integrity, when nothing could be further from the truth.

Whitty's integrity is suspect to say the least. His LSH department was funded by the now notorious Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, whose multimillion dollar cheques gained total control over the projects. In 2008 alone the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine was awarded grant funding of over $46.4 million (about £23 million at the time) by the Gates Foundation and $12.7 million from other 'partners' for research into treatment and prevention of malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. It would appear that Whitty's 'integrity' went straight out of the window when Gates waved his chequebook.

In NOVEMBER 2011 Whitty was summoned to sit in front of a parliamentary investigation on how the Gates foundation was effectively setting the agenda for the International Development projects the UK government had initiated. Specifically how once Gates got involved in the project it changed focus from Health Education and better diet to Gate's vaccines. Whitty gave his now familiar weasel-word answers, denying there was any wrong doing, conflict of interest or had actually been a tool of the Gates Foundation and its obsession with new and unproven vaccines.

Huge question-marks still hang over the entire project and Whitty's involvement with it. Spool forward to 2020, and Gates continues to be the biggest funder of the World Health Organisation, and Whitty sits on its Committee. Faced with this the Guardian have gone with such searching questions as "what's your favourite colour?" and then wonder why their ratings continue to fall. - make no mistake, Whitty is a Cunt, and a dangerous one at that.

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