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Day Two of Road Map: Chris Whitty Bullshits Parliament with Help from Patrick Vallance

Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance via for position of UK's Biggest Cunt.

Vying for the position of UK's Biggest Cunt, Chris Whitty appeared in front of a Commons Select Committee to push for continued control of the population by using unsubstantiated scare stories which again, nobody challenged.

The Chief Medical Officer told the Science and Technology Committee, that "despite the success of the vaccine rollout, some people couldn’t or wouldn’t have it." In reality the 'wouldn't have it' group are important to Whitty's scheme as they can be used as the 'reason' why lockdowns didn't work and also why they need to be extended or implemented again, whilst taking the focus off Whitty and his band of psychopaths and whipping up the publics hatred.

Whitty went on to claim “even if you have a relatively small proportion of people still remaining vulnerable, that still equates to a very large number who could be at risk from Covid"

He added: “All the modelling suggests at some point we will get a surge in the virus. We hope it doesn’t happen soon – it might happen later in the summer if we open up gradually, or if there is a seasonal effect it might happen over the next autumn and winter."

This predictably, was the biggest nonsensical statement that should have been challenged. Firstly, 'All the modelling' means just the four computer models that Neil Ferguson bodged-up to fit the narrative, and secondly Whitty didn't explain who this cohort would be, given that the elderly and vulnerable will have been vaccinated by summer and for everyone else the virus isn't fatal.

It is difficult to see how SAGE can attribute more deaths to Covid considering they write Covid on pretty-much every death certificate already, as death-rates are much lower during summer months. It is most likely that Whitty will hijack next winter's seasonal flu as his 'evidence' for this, a more palatable theory than the 'vaccine induced deaths' hypothesis that now lurks in the shadows.

Whitty went on to say “But all the modelling suggests there is going to be a further surge, and when it happens it will find the people who have not been vaccinated or where the vaccine has not worked. Some of them will be hospitalised and sadly some of them will die.”

"But, let's be very clear, if we open up too soon, many, many more people will die!"

This lie has been repeated, over and over again by Whitty and others at SAGE and not once, in any setting, has it been directly challenged by any politician or journalist. These event are just another form of Propaganda Broadcast.

Whitty should have been made to explain why, according to the ONS, deaths for 2020 were below average. If we were truly in the grip of a killer plague then 2020 would be top of this list not all the way down at Position 35.

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