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WEF Sanctioned 'Climate Lockdowns' are Coming this Winter - Exactly as Predicted

'Don't try and resist us.'

Europe are to face a series of planned power cuts that could kill an estimated 150,000 people. The energy blackouts are phase two of the World Economic Forum's Great Reset plan after the Scamdemic was a trial run, softening up the public to emergency measures whilst at the same time wrecking the world's economy.

Climate Lockdowns were never going to come in the same format as the pandemic, but follow a very similar trajectory as those supposedly to avert the previous apocalypse. Ever since Klaus Schwab published The Great Reset, his version of Mein Kampf, some have tried to warn the world that Climate Lockdowns were coming. As with Covid Lockdowns, Climate Lockdowns are disguised as an emergency need to avert some deadly crisis.

The true purpose of energy cuts would of course be obfuscated through layer upon layer of fake news exactly as was the case with Covid. It is no coincidence that social media outlets have been banning content that questions the war in Ukraine, with some 70,000 videos being deleted on Youtube alone. Nor is it any coincidence that the same social media companies have banned anyone questioning the climate change narrative or shadow-banning any posts criticising Klaus Schwab.

The narrative is entirely controlled to give the impression that a small skirmish in Ukraine, that has been going on for eight years, is in fact world war three. Exactly the same trick pulled with Covid.

Putin, who Klaus Schwab states is one of his global leaders, has turned the taps off, plunging Europe into an energy crisis that has seen fuel costs shoot up by over 400%. Petrol prices too have risen so sharply that it has priced millions off the road, or meant that consumers only have enough to drive their cars half the week. Not being able to heat your home or drive your car just happen to be the very same two things that the Climate Change activists have been demanding you stop doing for years.

In February 2021 the World Economic Forum released a video celebrating how lockdowns had 'improved cities'.

In September of 2021 the BBC caused a fuel crisis by faking a story about shortages causing a run of supplies: BBC Create Fake Fuel Crisis to Condition us for the Great Reset.

The same month Rationing began to be talked about

August 2022 Rest of the country alerted to coming Blackouts

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