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Power Blackouts This Winter: Leaked Government Plan Reveals

UK Government plan 1970s style power cuts morning and evening for millions of homes.

Technocrats are now saying that Britains will have to accept energy rationing as they push the war in Ukraine as the excuse to curb consumption.

The Times reports: "A minister said the briefing suggested that electricity could have to be rationed for up to six million homes at the start of next year, mostly at peaks in the morning and evening. The curb could last more than a month, causing energy prices to rise again and leaving GDP lower than forecast for years to come."

In an even bleaker scenario, drawn up in the event Russia entirely cuts off gas to the EU, energy blackouts could start in December and last for three months – with blackouts on weekdays and weekends.

The Government spokesman then thanked a £90 Billion investment in green energy for the UK NOT being dependant on Russian energy export which made little or no sense given that they were planning power cuts anyway. Commentators suggest that this is because green energy is totally inadequate in meeting the country's energy needs.

Rolling blackouts would be a consequence of the government's plan to power every home in the UK with wind turbines but rather than admit the plan didn't work they're blaming the war in Ukraine instead.

The war in Ukraine appears to be the perfect scapegoat for energy rationing and is unlikely to be the real cause given that the energy rationing has been the aim of technocrats for several years, long before the Ukraine 'crisis' happened.

The war in Ukraine has been used as the excuse for rampant inflation, even though inflation was set to rise before Russia supposedly invaded Ukraine. The Chancellor had printed £270 Billion to 'pay' for furlough and vaccines, a move guaranteed to plunge the UK into debt for a generation and trigger hyper-inflation. Sunak's own plan was to run off to the United States after wrecking the British economy, but when Biden took office and the US economy began to crash too Sunak changed his plans.

Power cuts are entirely avoidable, given that Britain has billions of gallons of oil and gas right under our feet. But rather than dig it out because it may upset a few eco-mentalists, the UK government would rather plunge the entire country into permanent darkness and blame it on Putin.

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