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YouTube to Censor Climate Change Sceptics Ready for Climate-Lockdowns

In a move that mirrors their behaviour during the scamdemic, Youtube are set to ban all debate about climate change.

Under the new rules Greta Thunberg (schoolgirl with not even a GCSE in science) will be allowed to upload as much nonsense as she likes on YouTube; But Bjorn Lomborg (actual climate scientist, who has debunked the theory) will be banned for life from the platform.

The Video sharing platform and it's parent company Google, says it will "intervene" in content that it says "promotes lies about climate change." This follows their banning of any scepticism of Covid, criticism of the World Health Organisation and anything vaccine related. Until 2020 YouTube avoided content moderation but now control everything people see, and hear. They have gone from being a digital platform that shares user content to the artitor of 'truth' for all.

The policy will not only affect advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators but Google search results will fail to show any sites that question the climate narrative either. The tech giant has such power over who sees what that they can literally control what people think.

Google is taking a two-pronged approach, applying to advertisers and publishing partners in Google-served ads that try to promote what they refer to as 'climate change misinformation' on pages and videos, as well as YouTube Partner Program creators who try to monetise their videos. Any videos that question the climate change narrative will be classified as 'misinformation videos from climate change deniers' according to a company blog post. Note the language here; designed to humiliate and demonise those who they are now singling out for special treatment.

Google have said that the new rule 'specifically targets claims that climate change is a "hoax or a scam", claims that deny long-term environmental trends, and claims ignoring significant factors to climate change, like greenhouse gas emissions or humanity's contributions to climate change. Google will continue to allow ads and monetization on climate-related topics, such as informed debates on climate change and verifiable research.'

YouTube performed the same task when the Pandemic was declared. They quickly removed any content that questioned the 'science', stifling debate, censoring opposition and skewing reality. It came as no surprise that Google had been working with organisations that had vested interests in pushing Covid hysteria and have received billions from Pharmaceutical giants to ensure that information about the safety of its covid Vaccines is not being shared with the general public.

Google, along with legacy media like the BBC, facilitated Lockdowns by promoting Covid hysteria in its algorithms whilst 'shadow banning' anything that debunked the science. By the time Boris Johnson told everyone that we were all to be placed under house arrest the public were in an such a state of hysterical frenzy he could have suggested anything and people would have complied. All thanks to the control of information that Google and others were doing. Their algorithms sniffed out anything Covid related and only official lies was allowed to get through.

The same technique will now be applied to Climate Change as governments ready their plans to impose climate lockdowns. Google and YouTube will delete content, ban users and 'ghost' what's left. They will organise their search results and video sharing to work the public up into the same type of hysterical frenzy we saw over a mild virus with a 99.97% recovery rate.

Videos of forest fires being shown as a sign of climate change will be promoted, videos of forest fires discovered to be arson will not. Only a few months of this filtering of reality and the public will be softened-up sufficiently for the coming climate lockdowns.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Oct 11, 2021

You Tube can ban EVERYTHING. There are OTHER OPTIONS for sensible debate. ALTERNATIVE views and opinions must also be debated.

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