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BBC Create Fake Fuel Crisis to Condition us for the Great Reset

The state broadcaster created fake story to cause panic.

On Tuesday this week the BBC ran a story that BP were closing petrol stations because of a shortage of fuel. The implication being that this was a national crisis that was going to affect us all. The truth was that only 4 stations, out of over 1200 owned by BP had been closed and that, in any given week, the company will temporarily shut several stations if deliveries are late. It was business as usual.

On Wednesday the BBC started to embroider their story, firstly they asked BP, Shell and Esso shaded questions designed to elicit a particular response. They didn't ask if there was a problem, only 'how big' it was, and what was causing it. The story that they'd created started moving up the running order and began to be picked up by the rest of the media.

By Thursday they'd got quotes from pseudo experts who were claiming that during the pandemic, over 100,000 lorry drivers all simultaneously decided that the job wasn't for them and had left the industry. This mass-epiphany, they claimed, had been worsened by Brexit, and was definitely the cause of what was now being called 'the fuel crisis'. Only two months ago, the lack of stock on supermarket shelves was being blamed on the 'Pingdemic' but the BBC rely on the public's short memory as they change the details of any fake story almost on a weekly basis.

By Friday the fake story had become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The panic the fake story caused had resulted in a real fuel shortage. The story has taken on a life of its own, and now the BBC are reporting on the massive queues of panic-buying that they've created. BBC News have been camped outside petrol stations all day, flying drones over the queues they'd created to show their size, and interviewing useful idiots panic buying fuel they don't need.

Remember, there is no actual fuel shortage. Oil companies are still producing petrol at the same rate they were, reserves of the black stuff are estimated to be over 1.5 Trillion barrels, good for around 400 years at current rates. There is no real shortage of tanker drivers either, petrol was considered an 'essential' commodity during the lockdown and tanker drivers weren't put on furlough.

The reason for creating this fake crisis is twofold. Firstly petrol driven cars are number one on the list of targets for Climate Change zealots, and creating a shortage (even a fake one) conditions the public to life without it. The Marxists behind Extinction Rebellion and the Great Reset do not want you owning a car, and if you won't give it up voluntarily then you will be forced to; fuel shortages, price hikes, fake science and new laws are all designed to push you into giving up your car. "you will own nothing and you will be happy". But there is a second reason the BBC have created this crisis, to put pressure on the government to reverse free movement of people which ended after Brexit.

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