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GOVERNMENT Ministers Back Calls to END Car Ownership

"You'll own nothing and you'll be happy"

Government ministers have backed plans to make all private ownership of vehicles illegal in the next step towards the Great Reset. Government ministers are claiming that UK roads are at a 'tipping point' and that the 'solution' is to take all cars out of private ownership.

The plan is claimed to provide “greater flexibility” over vehicle use with 'experts' saying that “shared transport” is the way forward. Transport minister, Trudy Harrison, said any new proposals would be “fit for the future” of road travel.

Harrison said the country needed to "move away from its 20th-century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership” but, predictably didn't explain 'why'.

She added it was “staggering” almost two-thirds of trips were conducted by lone drivers. Britain, however, used to be a free and liberal country and such trips were nothing to do with the government. Now however, doing such things is being reclassified as 'antisocial' and soon a criminal offence.

Ms Harrison also added the UK was now at a “tipping point” where shared transport would soon be a “realistic option” for many. She made the comments to delegates at the Collaborative Mobility UK transport conference.

She then went on to push the idea further saying: “[It will soon be a] realistic option for many of us to get around." “Where mobility hubs become a familiar part of our street architecture, and where all these options will be available to book and pay for at the touch of a smartphone."

“The challenge is to move further and faster to make shared mobility less of a novelty and increasing the norm to make it as easy, as convenient and as accessible as possible.”

She added: “I think the benefits are really significant."

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On the 18/04/2019- Trudy Harrison paid a Visit to World Economic Forum Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution - so, she's part of this tyranny then? Here's the link:


They're all part of the tyranny😡

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