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Covid App Paves Way for Mandatory Carbon Credit App to Control Your Entire Life

Mass compliance to COVID rules has paved the way.

Technocrats are preparing 'mandatory' personal carbon allowances that would introduce rationing into every area of your life via an app that would record your travel, heating expenses and even the food you eat.

The proposal was presented in the science journal Nature by four environmental “experts” as a means of reducing global carbon emissions. Everyone would be issued with a ‘carbon allowance card’ “that would entail all adults receiving an equal tradable carbon allowance that reduces over time in line with national [carbon] targets.”

The authors make it clear that the program would be a “national mandatory policy.”

They say carbon units would be “deducted from the personal budget with every payment of transport fuel, home-heating fuels and electricity bills,” and anyone going over the limit would be forced to purchase additional units in the personal carbon market from those with excess to sell.”

The proposal also makes clear that the means of measuring a person’s uptake of carbon units for travel would function 'on the basis of tracking the user’s movements', and the authors note how the normalisation of contact tracing via COVID-19 apps will ensure a similar system could be used for keeping track of carbon credits with minimum fuss.

“Recent studies show how COVID-19 contact tracing apps were successfully implemented with mandatory schemes in several East Asian countries such as China, Taiwan, and South Korea,” states the article.

“In these countries, the apps assessed the user’s travel history and health status, playing a key role in tracking infection.”

Indeed, the authors specifically note how mass unquestioning compliance with COVID lockdown regulations has greased the skids for further intrusive tyranny and that, “people may be more prepared to accept the tracking and limitations related to PCAs to achieve a safer climate” as a result.

The increasing sophistication of artificial intelligence technologies would also “make it possible to easily track and manage” people’s “food-and-consumption-related emissions.”

In other words, eating what Big Brother deems to be an excess of red meat or anything else deemed “harmful” to the planet will result in a carbon credit reduction. Just stick to eating UN-recommended bugs and worms though and you’ll be sure to keep within your ration limit.

If we acquiesce—again—to significant liberty constraints in the name of protecting health, which this totally is, the totalitarianism we will have facilitated will not be their fault it will be ours. As we previously highlighted, the idea of “climate lockdowns” is now well and truly in the overton window, thanks to Covid Lockdowns governments know they can get away with virtually anything under the pretence of public safety.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Sep 15, 2021

....................and who are these "experts" / technocrats ???????????? Speak up. We need to know who the hell they are !

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