The Hidden Agenda Davos Delay Won't Stop

Davos may have been postponed until 2021 but plans to 'reset' the human race continue unabated.

The World Economic Forum sees the coronavirus crisis as 'an opportunity' to implement a plan they call 'The Great Reset’. These are not the words of some conspiracy theorist but the actual title of the World Economic Forum's master plan to control the human race. On their website they don't state that the coronavirus is a health emergency, or even devastating to the world's economy, but say the: "COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity". That opportunity is to implement their plan for “deep structural reforms".

Back in April 2020, when the Pandemic was still in its infancy, the World Economic Forum published its post-covid master plan entitled 'The Great Reset'. Few questioned how the Forum could have developed a plan of this size and magnitude if they had only just become aware of the Coronavirus a matter of a few short weeks prior. This question becomes more important now we see the true size and scale of their plans.

Amongst its master plan for a 'post-Covid world' The World Economic Forum intends to:

  • Implement A Global Government

  • Redesign Social Contracts

  • Govern the Internet

  • Shape Financial and Monetary Systems

  • Set Taxation

  • Control Public Finance and Social Protection

  • Replace currency with Blockchain and virtual currency

  • Shape all Media and Entertainment

  • Give Every Citizen a Digital Identity

  • Implement Mass Vaccination and Health Programmes

In fact, of the 60 papers detailing the 'The Great Reset', only one is about Covid-19. The rest cover every aspect of modern (western) life. a plan to control every aspect of our lives in the form of a totalitarian Globalist Government.

A glossy video accompanied the plan's announcement, featuring space-rockets, mountain glaciers, and newborn babies, inter-spliced with scenes of rioting, forest fires and people in face masks cowering from an unseen pathogen. The message is clear: the world is in chaos, and our plan is the only thing that can save it'. But it is not long into the video that the first of a number of speakers, Professor Klaus Schwab, complete with guttural German accent, begins talking about World War 2 and 'the global order' before going on to say "now is the time, not only to fight the virus, but to shape the 'system'" . The next speaker begins in much the same way, making a cursory reference to the virus before then suggesting that the "fragility of the world is not just confined to health systems. Runaway climate change; unsustainable levels of inequality; and the lawlessness of cyberspace are all warning-signs that we must heed". A series of other speakers, including Prince Charles, do much the same, repeating the mantra that we can only deal with any of these crises with their 'global reset'.

But the glossy videos and royal speakers are a misdirection. These are true megalomaniacs using any and all 'crises' to justify implementing their plans. According to WEF anything from Global Warming to Racism can all be fixed by submitting to their agenda.