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Government Advisor Ignores June 21st to Threaten More Lockdowns Next Winter

and forget about Masks being abandoned because those fuckers are with us for good.

Yesterday, SAGE member Dr Susan Hopkins appeared on the Andrew Marr Show to lobby the government for Lockdowns next winter. Hopkins, who repeated the line SAGE have been running ever since the Road Map out of their grip was announced claimed that The UK should prepare for a "difficult autumn" due to the threat of new coronavirus variants emerging and a potential surge in other respiratory viruses.

Dr Susan Hopkins, Public Health England's strategic response director for COVID-19, said the population may have less immunity to respiratory viruses such as flu due to the coronavirus pandemic, but as we reported previously, the reality is that the so called 'second wave' SAGE claimed was nothing more than misdiagnosed seasonal flu and poor NHS management.

She told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show that it was "highly unlikely" that a new COVID variant would derail the plan to start easing England's lockdown "for the next three to five weeks". suggesting that after that, it feckin' would. Hopkins added: "We'll need to monitor carefully as new strains come into the country from around the world" but neglected to mention that there are over 12000 mutations identified already, every mutation a less potent example of the virus. "We'll need to be very ready for an autumn that could be challenging as these variants are there."

Hopkins went on to say "we're also very conscious of the fact that what happened last summer, in late summer and early September, could happen again and we need to prepare for that and hope that it doesn't happen." implying that the 'surge' that was seen was a second wave, caused by the relaxing of the Communist inspired rules, when in reality we were seeing the normal curve of seasonal flu.

Hopkins then said "really difficult to predict what's going to happen in the future" in contradiction of all the computer models that were seen as definitely going to happen, which she's conveniently forgotten. Hopkins then said ominously "we have to prepare for a hard winter".

"Six months away is a long time," she told Marr. "We have to prepare for a hard winter - not only with coronavirus, but we've had a year of almost no respiratory viruses of any other type."

"That means potentially the population immunity to that is less. So we could see surges in flu, we could see surges in other respiratory viruses and other respiratory pathogens. It's really important that we're prepared from the NHS point of view, from public health and contact tracing, that we have everything ready to prepare for a difficult autumn." adding "We hope that it won't occur and it will be a normal winter for all of us."

Hopkins said "we will all have our summer holidays" but her job is to prepare for "worst case scenarios". adding: "We have to make sure that we're prepared, and that we're better prepared for this autumn than we have been previously."

As we know, it has been incredibly easy for PHE to stop the return of normality just by claiming that they've discovered a mutated variant as they did with the South African, Kent and Brazil variants.

It is clear, from all of the lobbying SAGE and PHE have been doing over the last few months that next winter will be virtually identical to the last one with their triangle of oppression: Lockdowns; face-masks, and social distancing, imposed on an increasingly compliant population. Note that Hopkins repeatedly associated Covid-19 with Seasonal Flu. This is not by accident, they want those two things interchangeable in the publics minds, that way in future they can impose lockdowns for something that we've lived with for centuries.

In 2010 the World Health Organisation quietly redefined the definition of a Pandemic, now you can have a 'pandemic' without a single fatality, done after several Pharmaceutical giants lobbied the WHO to change it so they could off-load millions of boxes of useless product manufactured for the last fake pandemic. With the obstacles removed, SAGE can call any virus circulating a 'pandemic' including seasonal flu.

But as Public Health England was scrapped last year for being incompetent, why is Hopkins being given air-time at all? shouldn't she be down the job centre?

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