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SAGE Implemented Communist Model Lockdown When They Realised They Could 'Get away with it'

UK government COVID-19 advisor Neil Ferguson admits that he thought SAGE "couldn’t get away with” imposing Communist China style lockdowns in Europe because the public wouldn't except it, until Italy happened and they realised they could.

As we revealed on Saturday, Neil Ferguson has 'bodged up' a new set of charts designed to frighten Boris Johnson into extending lockdowns again, a report that is full of opinion, hype, exaggeration and political bias, none of which has any place in a scientific paper. It even had a pop at those who had lost their livelihoods as Ferguson referred to them as having 'bad faith' for complaining about Lockdowns.

Now we can reveal that, far from those Lockdowns being carefully designed scientifically robust responses to a virus they were a carbon copy of the authoritarian quarantine policy implemented by none other than the Chinese Communist Party. Ferguson publicly endorsed the Chinese model of quarantine specifically on February 28th last year, following news reports he'd seen of Chinese authorities throwing screaming citizens into tiny metal boxes on the back of lorries to transport them to some unspecified internment camp somewhere. He loved the idea saying of it:

"we had watched as China had enacted this innovative intervention in pandemic control...SAGE debated whether we could get away with it here, then Italy happened and we knew we could."

Ferguson knew that the Chinese Government’s response was extreme, and totally inhumane, but he endorsed it anyway. Ferguson was happy to lockdown the entire UK, and much of Europe, but wasn't too keen to take part himself. He regularly broke his own lockdown rules to invite his married mistress over for regular sex sessions. Even after he'd tested positive for Coronavirus, nothing stopped the randy little academic. He was absolutely fine with imposing authoritarian measures that destroyed thousands of lives, just as long as those lives were other people's.

Videos of the "innovative intervention in pandemic control" so admired by Neil Ferguson

As Peter Hitchens pointed out in his blog yesterday, we DID have a sensible Covid plan in the UK, but we copied the police-state instead. There had been a plan devised in 2009 for flu-like pandemics but when the time came it was ignored in favour of the China model. Neil Ferguson claimed the spectacle of the health crisis in Italy persuaded him and his colleagues to follow the Chinese model instead.

He described how SAGE had watched as China’s despots embarked on an unheard-of form of 'disease control' by shutting down an entire province. Ferguson must have been salivating whilst watching the news-reports leaking out of China's, as the communist regime placed millions under house arrest, boarded and welded doors of those they deemed sick and removed others to detention centres, many never to be seen again. But he must have been permanently nursing a semi when he saw how the Communist authorities arrested anyone who spoke out about the policy, and surveilled all citizen's by mobile phone and CCTV camera under the guise of tracking the virus.

Then, observing the crisis in Italy (even though one of the news reports showing horrific scenes was said to be an Italian Hospital proved later to be library-footage from NBC of a US hospital in 2017) SAGE realised that this looked so frightening that it began to asked itself whether such ferocious methods as deployed by the Chinese could be applied here.

Ferguson, sounding proud of imposing a communist style tyranny on the UK public, saying in an interview with The Times Newspaper ‘It’s a Communist one-party state, we said. We couldn’t get away with it in Europe, we thought… And then Italy did it. And we realised we could.’

And you thought all this was about a virus.

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