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The Frightening Origins of The Government's Covid Plan, Including Torture Techniques

It rapidly became part of our everyday vocabulary, but "Lockdown" is a very odd choice of words when you stop to think about it. A 'Lockdown' is something that prisons do, specifically when inmates have misbehaved or rioted. It has never been associated with the promotion of health, nor should it be.

The word was first used in a classified report written in 2015 that advised the Government on how to deal with the public during a potential pandemic. The report suggested that placing the entire country under 'house arrest' was a viable option. The speed at which 'lockdown' has since been accepted by the public is breathtaking, with most forgetting that it suggests the government sees us all as prisoners.

Social Distancing is a euphemism for Social Isolation; a torture technique developed by the CIA almost 70 years ago. The CIA found that it was a 'very effective' technique for breaking down enemies of the state. Studies have shown that it creates depression, poor sleep quality, impaired executive function, accelerates cognitive decline and even contributes to poor cardiovascular function and impaired immunity. The CIA found that it was 'as effective at destroying a subject's cognitive ability as if they were beaten, starved and deprived of sleep.

Former US Senator John McCain was subjected to the technique during the Vietnam War and said of it afterwards: "it's an awful thing. It crushes your spirit more effectively than any other form of mistreatment"

There is no scientific basis for banning the sale of books, and yet you cannot purchase a book anywhere in Wales so dangerous are they (though Coronavirus leaflets are still freely available in both the English and Welsh languages.) Books have made it onto the list of goods plebs cannot buy, in a bizarre move by Mark Drakeford government reminiscent of the Nazis banning books during the 1930s.

And just as today, it was many types of literature that were banned under Nazi Government rule. Topics such as; sex, religion, psychology and even history all made the list and authors such as Freud and Emil Ludwig became persona non grata, even Sci-Fi writer HG Wells was banned, much as they are today throughout Wales.

Boris Johnson's "We are all in this together" is a direct quote from Dystopian epic Brazil, by writer and director Terry Gilliam. The line, said by Johnson and often repeated by his cabinet, rather than the Churchillian style quote it first appears to be, is actual a direct line from a movie regarded as one of the best depictions of a Dystopian future ever created. In the film the line is said by Robert De Niro with the audience in no doubt that those in the Dystopian world are not all in it together, far from it.

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