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WHO Tell Governments to Bring Back Masks Saying Pandemic 'is Nowhere Near Over'

Non-compliance may mean being carted off to a 'quarantine' camp.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has demanded that Governments reintroduce measures like face masks to “push back” against what the organisation claims is a rise in global infections.

Tedros issued the diktat In a speech at a news conference in Geneva on Tuesday, the Director-General emphasised his “concern” over rising coronavirus cases, stating “further pressure” is being burdened on “health systems and health workers”.

Commending the progress governments have made globally in 'tackling the pandemic', the WHO Director-General said: “Of course, there’s been a lot of progress. We have safe and effective tools that prevent infections, hospitalisations and deaths. However, we should not take them for granted.” adding “deploy tried and tested measures like masking, improved ventilation and test and treat protocols”

As we previously reported, when testing is ramped up, cases 'mysteriously' ramp up at the same rate, these 'cases' are of the Asymptomatic variety, something that was made-up in 2020 to fit the narrative of a killer plague spreading throughout the world.

The WHO’s emergency committee, who come up with the narrative, met on Friday via video-conference and determined the 'pandemic' remains a matter of Public Health Emergency of International concern, the highest alarm the WHO can issue.

Prior to summer 2020, health authorities including the WHO were perfectly clear that face masks are ineffective for preventing the transmission of airborne viruses. But in the summer of 2020 suddenly did a U-turn, reportedly when they realised their usefulness as a tool of oppression. Both a visible sign of conformity and a reminder that the plague was in town (in the absence of piles of dead bodies in the streets) Masks became mandatory everywhere. Health officials demanded that people wear them everywhere, all the time. In the shower, in bed, and even whilst having sex were all suggested by Health officials in 2020, as love for the face-nappy grew.

However, a lot has happened since then. Much of the public have wised-up, and it will be much more difficult for authorities to implement restrictions again. But don't expect the WHO to simply give up because they won't. Expect something else to be deployed to re-establish control; perhaps a new virus, or other forms of visual reminder, or china style 'quarantine' camps for those refusing to wear masks. It certainly isn't over.


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