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Covid: How They Pulled Off the Biggest Medical Fraud in History

We expose the lies, trickery and fake science that fooled the world into believing there was a killer plague at large. Who did it; how they did it and ultimately why they did it will all be revealed.


by Darren Birks and Philip James

The first clusters of what was later called Covid-19 was in December 2019 in Wuhan China, when 41 patients with Pneumonia were hospitalised. The most common features of these patients were Fever; Cough; Myalgia and Fatigue. All entirely common to any Pneumonia and flu. CT scans of these patients showed Pneumonia in one or both lungs of every single patient.

There was nothing extraordinary or ‘novel’ about any of these patients.

1.There was nothing new or novel about the Wuhan Patients, they had typical Pneumonia.

There were no specific symptoms or laboratory findings that would allow for classification of a new type of respiratory illness, or for a novel pathogen to be implicated as the monocausal agent. so says Doctor Mark Bailey in his damning report 'Covid: War on Humanity' .

"It was a typical Pneumonia, at any other time that would have been the diagnosis."

Respiratory illness is high in Wuhan which has pollution many times safe levels. Pneumonia and other respiratory diseases are common in China as the air-quality of heavily industrial cities, such as Wuhan, make for a toxic environment. Wuhan has a constant ’smog’ caused by factories and can be seen in almost every photo of the industrial city.

In 2010 a major study in China concluded that Pneumonia remained a leading cause of adult death and THE leading cause of death in children.

However, despite there being nothing uncommon about these patients, the symptoms or the scan results, Chinese officials declared that a new (novel) coronavirus had been discovered and that this had been the cause of death for the patients they had seen in December 2019. They declared they had discovered a new disease even though symptoms and CT scans showed nothing new about any of the 41 patients symptoms, it was "typical pneumonia."

The diagnosis had originally been Pneumonia before Chinese authorities retrospectively re-diagnosed the deaths as being from a 'new' illness: Covid-19

However, there was no uniqueness to this illness, it was a common coronavirus, one of hundreds of thousands that are minutely and subtly different that circulate in the population all the time. This was, for all intents and purposes, a normal pneumonia virus and nothing new or novel whatsoever.

2.The discovery of the 'new' virus was made by the Chinese CDC and NEVER PEER-REVIEWED.

Despite there being no unique clinical features, or investigations that would allow for the designation of a brand new illness, it was declared that the 41 patients were confirmed to be infected with a new virus (2019-nCoV [SARS-Cov-2]) and that this virus caused a new illness: Covid-19. The 'discovery' that was said to have been made was detected by "next generation sequencing, or real-time RT-PCR methods." This was a key moment in the fraud, and the start of a series of lies based entirely on the strength of it.

This claim surprised some experts, because there had been no unique clinical features of these patients whatsoever, and many experts began to ask how (and why) did the Chinese health authorities suddenly know they were dealing with a new disease?

It should be noted at this point that the scientists actually said that they had detected some '"short genetic sequences" said to be "related to the envelope Gene of CoV..’"

This is a bit like finding a single yellow jigsaw piece in a skip full of 50 billion jigsaw pieces and declaring that it must have come from a ten-thousand piece jigsaw puzzle of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, even though you'd only had a single piece, had discarded all the others, and had never actually seen the picture on the box, or Van Gogh's painting.

This is a picture of Van Gogh's Sunflowers - it's 'science'

3. China claimed to have mapped the entire genome in just 3 days, and all without a single virus.

This 'miraculous' discovery, done astonishingly quickly, was achieved by the Chinese National Health Commission of the People’s Republic of China and China’s own CDC. SARS-Cov-2 was, according to the World Health Organisation, first detected on 31st December 2019. But just 4 days later, on the 3rd of January 2020, the same Chinese Health Authorities announced the first complete Genome of the novel B genus Coronaviruses (2019-nCoVs).

However, this "complete genome" has never been shown to have come from ANY virus, let alone a new one.

According to researchers: the sequences were obtained from 'crude Bronchoalveolar fluid samples from a single designated case, NOT from purified viral particles. These crude bronchoalveolar fluid samples will have contained literally BILLIONS of genetic fragments, and computer software was used to analyse 'potential' combinations, organise them into what Dr Mark Bailey calls a ‘hypothetical genome.’

At no point was an actual virus isolated and its genome extracted.

The Chinese health agency declared that they had not only found a new virus, but that they had isolated it and mapped its entire genome sequence all in the space of three days. But, what they had actually done was nothing of the sort. They had looked at some genetic soup from a patient who had died of pneumonia, found a small fragment of a gene that they assumed had come from inside a hypothetical new viral pathogen that they decided the patient must have had, and then used computer models to come up with what that pathogen’s genome might look like.

China’s links to the World Health Organisation meant that this theory was not questioned, and taken entirely on faith. Remember, no virus was actually discovered, and, with modern virology you don’t even need one to declare a pandemic.

The Chinese Scientists were claiming not only to have found the entire 10,000 piece jigsaw from a skip containing 49 Billion other pieces, when they’d really only got one yellow piece, but also assured the world they’d completed that Jigsaw and it was a picture of sunflowers for sure. It's science.

4. A Doctor claimed he'd created a test (PCR) that could detect SARS-Cov-2 in COMPLETE ABSENCE of the virus.

Just 19 days after that, and only 24 since its first ever detection, a scientist by the name of Christian Drosten, published a diagnostic paper for the detection of SARS-Cov-2 in Europe's journal of infectious disease surveillance, epidemiology, prevention and control. Drosten claimed that his team had created a reliable test that could detect SARS-Cov-2. It clearly states in that publication that the PCR tests were “designed in absence of available virus isolates or original patient specimens.” In the paper the method is described as: Here we present a validated diagnostic workflow for 2019-nCoV, its design relying on close genetic relatedness of 2019-nCoV with SARS coronavirus, making use of synthetic nucleic acid technology.”

“designed in absence of available virus isolates or original patient specimens.”

Whilst the detailed description of the process states:

'Faecal samples containing bat-derived SARS-related CoV samples (identified by GenBank accession numbers) were tested: KC633203, Betacoronavirus BtCoV/Rhi_eur/BB98–98/BGR/2008; KC633204, Betacoronavirus BtCoV/Rhi_eur/BB98–92/BGR/2008; KC633201, Betacoronavirus BtCoV/Rhi_bla/BB98–22/BGR/2008; GU190221 Betacoronavirus Bat coronavirus BR98–19/BGR/2008; GU190222 Betacoronavirus Bat coronavirus BM98–01/BGR/2008; GU190223, Betacoronavirus Bat coronavirus BM98–13/BGR/2008.

All synthetic RNA used in this study was photometrically quantified.'

To continue the jigsaw analogy; Drosten’s team concluded that any yellow jigsaw piece they found was really a picture of Picasso's sunflowers and they had confirmed the theory by looking at other Jigsaw pieces and some yellow Lego bricks.

It still hadn’t been properly established that SARS-Cov2 even existed, and even if it was, it's pathology was that of Pneumonia, meaning there was no justification for what followed. What they were doing ‘in the absence of a virus’ was generating a hypothetical sequence based on what other coronaviruses might have looked like. More specifically, what other BAT viruses looked like, and yet, before this moment, there was no mention of the virus originating from bats.

Again, no virus came anywhere near their lab, this was all done via computer models.

Strangely, the paper was accepted for publication within 24 hours of submission without being peer reviewed, or independently assessed. In fact the World Health Organisation were taking everything on faith; and never once checked any of the claims made by either the Chinese scientists or Drosten’s team. Drosten and several of his colleagues also failed to declare a conflict of interests as they all had financial links with a company that made PCR tests (TIB Molbiol).

But it gets worse, much worse; not only was the virus not isolated, with the DNA sequence only a theory based on a computer model, and a diagnostic test supposedly created in just three days, the man who claimed that he'd created the test had also not declared that he was a member of the EUROSURVEILLANCE editorial board when he and his co-authors (also on the board) submitted their paper. Effectively they submitted the paper to themselves, no independent checks got in the way of what was now clearly a fraud.

Adding to the fraud count German newspaper BILD reported in May of 2020 that Germany's answer to Dr Fauci; Christian Drosten 'would likely face court charges for holding a FRAUDULENT DOCTORAL TITLE.'

In case you have lost the thread at this point here's a recap:

A fake doctor had created a fake test for a fake virus.

As Dr Mark Bailey notes in his paper 'THE COVID-19 FRAUD & WAR ON HUMANITY "the stench of fraud was everywhere by this time."

5. The World Health Organisation 'pushed the button' despite seeing just 538 'Cases' and 17 Deaths - All of which were just in China.

The speed in which the World Health Organisation decided this was a pandemic (an illness that covers the globe simultaneously) should have caused alarm. As early as January 2nd, WHO officials were already working on the idea that the mysterious new illness had the potential to become a worldwide pandemic. How could they possibly know?

On the 22nd of January the WHO convened an emergency meeting where they constructed much of the narrative for the coming pandemic. At that point there were just 538 'cases' and 17 deaths that they could get away with attributing to the new virus which would be insufficient 'evidence' for justifying what was to follow.

The decision was made to increase the newly created PCR tests to identify more cases. Testing went into overdrive and this gave enough cases for Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus to declare “a public health emergency of international concern” (PHEIC), and to stoke the rhetoric added: “This is the time for facts, not fear. This is the time for science, not rumours." In the week after that meeting, COVID cases had risen by 1,245.61%, from 581 to 7,818, although still only 98 of those were outside of China.

By the very next day case numbers had increased to 9826, these weren't deaths, these were just positive PCR tests claiming a patient had the new phantom virus, and virtually all the new cases were still in China. This 'evidence' was used by Tedros to 'push the button' on the Covid fraud.

We were being subjected to a testing pandemic not a real one. The PCR test enabled the WHO to claim millions of people had the disease when clearly they had not. The 'genius' of the dodgy-diagnostics meant that a patient only had to have the 'short genetic fragment' out of trillions of possible combinations to be 'diagnosed' as having the illness. None of this was ever done before.

6. A 'testing pandemic' was possible once the inventor was dead.

The PCR test was the key difference between this and the false-start bird flu pandemic of 2009. Prior to this fraud a patient's illness was never diagnosed by a lab test alone, it would have always been confirmed by either; symptoms, CT scans, X-rays or blood tests. All that was dispensed with to facilitate the Covid fraud. Suddenly you only needed to have a positive PCR test to be classified as sick.

It would not have been possible in 2009's bird flu pandemic as the inventor of the PCR test was still very much alive and well at that time. Kary Mullis had repeatedly stated that his invention could not detect if a subject was sick, and should not be used as a diagnostic tool at all. Mullis, a long time critic of Anthony Fauci is on record as saying:

"If you can amplify one single molecule, up to something that you can really measure, which PCR can do, then there are very few molecules that you don't have one single one of them, ok? So that could be thought of as a misuse of it."

"PCR is just a test that makes a whole lot of something out of something"

"It doesn't tell you if you are sick, and it doesn't tell you that the thing you ended up with, really was going to hurt you.."

Mullis died of viral Pneumonia in Newport Beach California. His death, though not raised as suspicious at the time, but at the very least it was fortuitous as it cleared the way for his invention to be used in the fraud. His death in August 2019 came just ten weeks before Event 201, and forteen before the first cases of Covid-19 was supposedly discovered.

With Mullis out of the way, a new virus discovered, and a shiny new way of diagnosing it that didn't require anything else to count as a case the stage was now set. Tedros announced a worldwide pandemic on March 11h 2020 and the assault on humanity began.

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