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Calls for UK 'Covid Internment Camps' Begins by Scottish Newspaper

Scottish newspaper asks readers if ‘COVID Internment Camps’ Should be Introduced, and many like the idea.

Scotland’s largest newspaper is asking its readers if the country should follow Australia’s example by introducing “COVID internment camps.”

The question was posed via the Daily Record’s official Facebook page. The post asked “Australians are being detained in Covid internment camps for 14 days if they test positive or are suspected positive. Should we follow their lead?”

Some reacted with horror, but many liked the idea of internment camps for the unvaccinated. One suggesting not only for vaccine refusers but for any type of lifestyle infringement. saying:

"Look climate change is everywhere, so are micro aggressions. No one, regardless of the political stripes, is safe. we need to temporarily separate everyone, preferably in government run camps, until these issues can be resolved."

There were those who were against the idea though: “What a disgrace of a question??? Surely the obvious answer to should there be INTERNMENT CAMPS always be a resounding NO!!!!!”

Another saying: “This headline is an all time low,”

“Yes. We need protection from anyone who thinks this is a good idea. Put them there and some people at this news rag can lead the way,” commented another.

Covid Internment Camps have already been built in Australia and Germany.

As we highlighted last year, Australian authorities are already building quarantine camps in order to prepare for “ongoing operations” and to house those “who have not had access to vaccination.”

Mega-Prisons are already being built in the UK.

Speculation about UK having Covid Internment camps has been circulating for months online. What is not in question is that the Government are building super-prisons, up and down the country, despite crime going down steadily for two decades.

Six new mega-prisons have been announced.

With facilities for 13,000 people, including Crematoriums. The Ministry of Justice plan two 'mega prisons' around an RAF airbase in Essex. Another is currently being built in the North West of England. Two more are planned in the South-East of England with two prisons nearing completion in Wellingborough and Leicestershire.

The Ministry of Justice claim the mega structures are 'to keep the people safe'.

The Ministry of Justice have repeatedly denied the mega-prisons, that started in 2020, are to be used as internment camps for the unvaccinated. However, their twitter post about why the £2.5bn plan was started appears bizarre to say the least. Among the reasons given is to support the construction industry. Perhaps the most telling sentence is the last one: "keeping the public safe". which could mean anything, including from 'unclean' people.

Whilst boosting rehabilitation could very well mean those who are disobeying Government diktats.

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