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If Governments Really Believe Covid is a Deadly Virus Why Are Face Masks Not a Biohazard?

We have been repeatedly told by governments, scientists and the media, that Covid-19 is the worst pandemic in human history, even more deadly than the Spanish Flu and Black Death, but used masks can be tossed in a cardboard bin, in Morrisons.

The Deadliness of this new pathogen was used as the justification for imposing the most draconian laws ever seen to combat a virus. Two thirds of the entire planet was placed under house arrest, ordered not to meet or converse with others, including family members, and ordered to wear face-masks at all times. If we all undertook these measures, we were told, we just might survive this deadly plague.

They told us too that the virus was everywhere; 2 out of 3 people had it and didn't even know. These 'Asymptomatic' cases were part of the problem and the solution was to wear face masks, all the time, everywhere you went, whenever you were told.

Given all that then we should probably ask why we're allowed to dispose of contaminated masks with the rest of the normal rubbish? If governments really believed that masks worked, and that they were traping a deadly virus in their fibres, then surely the second they did they become an extreme biohazard?

Where are all the contamination teams in hazmat suits, going door to door collecting used masks? Why is any PPE used by the public allowed to just be thrown away with the household rubbish?

Think about it for a moment, in all the mandatory mask diktats forced on us in the last year nobody has ever mentioned how these things should be disposed of. Whilst wearing them they are supposedly collecting a deadly virus, the second we take them off they magically stop being a biohazard do they?

Governments clearly don't believe Covid is a threat, if they even believe it exists at all. Because if they did, they wouldn't have allowed millions of pieces of PPE to be discarded without care. If they really believed that there was even a remote chance a virus was contained in them authorities would have provided every household with an air-tight medical-waste bin. Those bins would have been collected and the contents incinerated the same way as any other biohazardous waste. They certainly wouldn't allow millions of them to just be thrown in the dustbin with the rest of the household rubbish. If masks trapped the virus we would see thousands of refuse collectors dying of Covid-19. I've checked, and they don't die in any greater numbers than in any other job.

Masks were clearly never considered a real measure against a disease, they were imposed as part of a psychological programme to dehumanise the populous. They strip away humanity, rob us all of human contact and are a training device for a vaccine.

“a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans…three hundred million people all with the same face.” - George Orwell

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