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They are 'Certificates' Not Vaccine Passports Says UK Government

What's the difference? Fuck-all.

One is a 'mad conspiracy theory' circulating on the internet, the other is a 'simple certificate' to 'help us return to the things we love'. In truth, these 'simple certificates' ARE Vaccine Passports - the exact thing dismissed as a 'mad conspiracy theory'.

UK Culture Secretary, Oliver Dowden, announced Thursday that “Covid-19 certification” is coming to enable people to attend sports events and go to theatre performances, but in the same breath denied that COVID passports are being introduced. He must think you're as stupid as he looks.

Appearing on Sky News, Dowden said that the government is trialling a system to ensure those who can prove they have taken a vaccine will be able to attend mass gatherings. The gormless looking minister said: “We will be testing whether we can use Covid-19 certification to help facilitate the return of sports” adding it will “help the return of the things that we love.”

Dowden then began spouting the type of Orwellian doublespeak that has become the hallmark of this government claiming that the certificates “won’t be a vaccine passport”, saying they were only “a way to facilitate proving that people have had vaccines", in order to let “more people get into stadiums,” which he described as “vital not just for our sense of national well-being, but to the whole national economy.”

As we have repeatedly covered since MAY of 2020 the British government has consistently denied there were plans for vaccine passports whilst simultaneously funding schemes to that effect and conducting extensive trials.

The idea for the UK to adopt what were nicknamed 'freedom passes' The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) (also known unofficially as the 'Nudge Unit'), who were previous responsible for a paper advising the government on how best to instil fear in the public to comply with lockdown rules.

We then discovered that, despite repeated denials, the plans were being pushed ahead: and the British Government had secretly contracted firms to make COVID 'Freedom Passports' a reality.

The narrative went from one of utter denial to 'feasibility studies' and then to 'it would be a good idea' .

In an interview with Radio 4's Today Programme, Vaccine Minister Nadhim Zahawi said "It Will Become Virtually Impossible To Do Anything If You Don’t Have The Vaccine" .

It then became clear that the UK Government would break the Nuremberg Code and make Vaccines Mandatory by De Facto using vaccine passports to do so.

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