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UK Government Advisers Suggest Covid-Free ‘Permission’ Wristbands for Uninfected

Whilst people without wristbands would have to stay in lockdown

A government department called The Behavioural Insights Team (BIT) (also known unofficially as the 'Nudge Unit'), who were previous responsible for a paper advising the government on how best to instill fear in the public to comply with lockdown rules, have now suggested that wristbands could be the answer to lockdown measures and curfews.

BIT produced a PDF report in which it praised the example of Slovakia, where 97% of people who the government wanted to test complied. The figure was so high because health authorities told those who refused the test that they would continue to be subject to lockdown measures and curfews, while those who complied were given paper certificates allowing them to exercise their freedoms.

The Behavioural Insights Team appear to think that this type of cajoling of the British public is perfectly acceptable whilst the plan angered human rights campaigners who called it “medical tyranny,” Even so, it is thought that vast numbers of people are likely to comply if it means returning to some semblance of normality.

It has been suggested by some commentators that the wristbands would also be used to denote those who have, or have not, taken the COVID vaccine when it arrives. The wristbands would likely use 'smart' technology so they could be scanned to avoid people making fraudulent copies, and, of course, double as tracking devices.

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