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Sadiq Khan Deploys Fleet of Camera Vans to ULEZ Non-Compliance Areas

You WILL Comply to the Marxist Agenda.

A fleet of mobile camera vans have been deployed by Sadiq Khan in a a fresh bid to impose his ULEZ scheme on all Londoner.

Reports of mobile camera vans have been circulating on Twitter with motorists warning others the vans are located on many major routes, often in 'sneaky' positions.

Drivers whose vehicles don't meet the emissions standards who refuse to pay the £12.50 could now be caught out by cameras mounted on vans. Mobile units have been spotted on the approach to Heathrow, hidden next to a sign near the Western Perimeter Roundabout checking vehicles as they come off the M25.

The west London airport is now within the Ulez zone following the Mayor's expansion of the scheme which took effect on Tuesday. It comes amid a large wave of attacks on CCTV units, with over 500 of the 2,700 ANPR cameras reported to have been destroyed or disconnected by freedom fighters known as 'Bladerunners'.

According to TfL's data protection impact assessment, the new mobile units can be moved between boroughs on any given day, so can be deployed to high non-compliance spots - such as outside Britain's busiest airport.

The vans are marked with a camera symbol on the rear doors along with the blue TfL roundel.

The Ulez charge operates every day of the year except Christmas Day, and failure to pay can attract a £180 fine, or £90 if paid within seven days.

This move follows revelations that the 'independent' study used as justification for the ULEZ scheme was paid for by the Khan's Mayoral office and the lead scientist was effectively told what to write in the report.


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Seems to me that the Bladerunners need to emulate the tyre deflaters. Instead of just letting them down, slash all four of the tyres and spray paint the camera windows too. Even if it means breaking into the depots where they're parked when not on facist duty!

PS. I wonder if they're EV vans 😁🤣

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