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ULEZ Blade Runners: 'This is What Happens When Democracy is Ignored'

Underground activists who've vowed to stop at nothing until they've 'taken down EVERY one of Sadiq Khan's low-emission cameras.

A secretive army of underground activists calling themselves 'blade runners' are bringing down Sadiq Khan's ULEZ cameras as he continues to impose the authoritarian scheme despite a resounding 'no' from London residents.

The group have vowed to continue their campaign until every single one of the cameras has been removed. Speaking to the Mail Online one of the Blade Runners said "we are going to take down every single one... no matter what".

Dressed in a balaclava to protect his identity, the father in his mid-forties revealed he had stolen 34 Ulez cameras himself but his group and others like them have taken down hundreds.

He told MailOnline: 'In terms of damage it's way more than what [Khan and TfL] have stated. It's at least a couple of hundred.

'Snipping, damaging with hammers, painting, disabling on a circuit level and removing. They are unbolted and they are snipped. "The tools they use to install them are the ones we use to remove it." "We don't want this. It's a way to try to... restrict our movements" adding "F*** them. It will not happen because we haven't done anything to deserve it."

Sadiq Khan has claimed the police take vandalism of Ulez cameras 'very seriously'.

Transport for London (TfL) said vandalism was 'unacceptable' and 'all incidents are reported to the police for investigation'. However, when approached by MailOnline, the Met Police said there was 'no trace' they had ever investigated Ulez cameras being damaged or stolen.

The force said it had never heard of it happening before.

A Met Police spokesman added: 'Obviously there's potential for the potential offences to be investigated as, for instance, criminal damage or theft.' That means if the Met ever did investigate one of the incidents and a Blade Runner was found guilty of criminal damage, they could land themselves in jail for up to four years.

Yet the Blade Runner speaking to MailOnline said although he could face prosecution, the 'cause' was 'worth fighting' for. London Mayor Sadiq Khan's Ulez scheme has been splitting communities in two and costing struggling families thousands of pounds.

Supporters of the Blade Runners maintain this is entirely due to Sadiq Khan's utter abuse of power. Speaking to Vision News one supporter suggested "this is what happens when democracy is ignored!" "It's far from this being vandalism, when democracy is ridden roughshod over it is the duty of every citizen to take it back." "To take back freedom."

Khan is now known to have faked data to 'justify' the ULEZ expansion; fixed the consultation, gaslit the public, and called those against the scheme 'far right conspiracy theorists'. Khan, and all of his family, continues to be ferried around in bulletproof Range Rovers with his children being driven to private school every day in one such vehicle. It is thought that Mayoral cars will continue to be exempt from all charges and restrictions even after the proposed scheme is implemented.


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