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ULEZ LIE EXPOSED: Only ONE Person DIED from Air Pollution in TWENTY YEARS According to ONS Data

Official data reveals the truth about the ULEZ lie.

Those pushing for ULEZ, LTNs, and 15 minute neighbourhoods claim they are needed because of the' toxic air pollution' in UK cities. Last month London Mayor Sadiq Khan used the avoidance of air pollutants as final justification for expanding his ULEZ scheme to all of London, stating "the decision was not easy but necessary to reduce the capital's toxic air pollution".

Research from the London Mayor's office suggested 200,000 high-polluting vehicles are driven regularly in the capital and asserted that roughly 4,000 Londoners die prematurely each year due to toxic air, with the greatest number of deaths attributable to air pollution in London's outer boroughs.

Lockdown architect Chris Whitty has joined the call to improve Britain's air quality, stating in his annual report for 2023 that air pollution is 'just as dangerous as Covid-19’. The Chief Medical Officer went on to state that the population should be encouraged to “change behavior” and it was "important to achieve greater progress on air pollution”. adding I think we should make it very clear to people that their behaviors can cause significant problems, potentially for vulnerable people. I think almost every parent sees someone whose car is idling in front of their kids’ school as incredibly antisocial, he said, believing that the “People should have the courage to say, ‘Please don’t do this’".

Government estimates.

According to the government: In the UK, air pollution is the largest environmental risk to public health. The annual mortality of human-made air pollution in the UK is roughly equivalent to between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths every year.

Greenpeace go even further, claiming 40,000 people are killed by poor air quality every year across the UK.

Given these estimates, we should be seeing thousands of death certificates listing air pollution as the cause of death. But exactly how many Death Certificates have 'air pollution' listed as the cause? 28,000? 40,000?

Neither: According to the Office for National Statistics

The answer is ONE.

They state: "One death in England and Wales in the period 2001 to 2021 had exposure to air pollution (International Classification of Diseases, Tenth revision (ICD-10) code Z581) recorded on the death certificate."

Why the massive discrepancy between estimates and official ONS data?

Matthew Finch, an keen cyclist and supporter of London's ULEZ scheme, claimed the discrepancy between environmentalist estimates and ONS figures is because death certificates only record the 'primary' reason, not underlying cause. Finch is wrong, since Harold Shipman murdered over 400 of his patients, writing 'old age' on the death certificates is no longer acceptable. Doctors are legally obliged to write ALL things they suspect contributed to a patient's death, in full detail.

It is beginning to sound like the claims are hyperbole. But perhaps London, Oxford, Bath, and Canterbury (all earmarked for car-killing schemes) are listed as one of the world's most polluted cities on official websites,and that is why the schemes must go ahead. Again, the hysteria and sloganeering doesn't match the reality. list all cities that are considered polluted throughout the world, and no British city comes in the top 1000. They are, overwhelmingly in China and India. London, in contrast, is ranked 3739th; with Oxford 3740th. Canterbury and Bath don't even warrant a mention at all.

We are being sold a lie, people in Britain are not dying in their thousands from poor air quality, they're not dying from it AT ALL.


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This video gives some more context to Sadick Khunts entusiasm for this ulez bollocks. As the chief of C40 Cities he's dot a shit ton of backing for his mentalideas, that're probably not his in the first place.

What is 'C40 Cities' about and how does it link ULEZ Expansion with The Clinton Foundation?

Why is Mr Khan pushing the ULEZ so hard despite the opposition, what is his C40 Cities organisation all about and who are the people and businesses funding and supporting it....?

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