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Public Duped by Government's Pandemic 'Misdirection' to Install Nightmare Scenario

The cat is now out of the bag about the psychological tricks used by the Government’s behavioural psychologists, with the collusion of the MSM – the terror tactics, the mixed messages creating uncertainty and insecurity, the successful attempts to polarise people, the gaslighting.

However, the full significance of the physical restrictions – the ‘social’ distancing, the prevention of meetings, the covered faces, the outlawing of hugging of one's own family, of single people's entire sex life, has yet to be realised.

The latter goes far beyond mind games, and has taken place in a modern culture that had already become increasingly depersonalised. Long before Covid, face-to-face contact, or even telephone contact, with banks and other institutions (including GPs) was made progressively difficult. Staff at railway stations, banks and supermarkets were being replaced by machines. Enforced online accounts have been reducing us to disembodied digits. ‘Faceless bureaucrats’ abound. Our world were already looking vaguely like a Dystopian novel, but the Covid-con has made this a thousand times worse.

In the streets, there was less and less eye contact or courtesy, with zombie faces headphoned, or glued to smartphone screens. Aversion to physical contact was implied in the everyday language of ‘personal space’, ‘safe spaces’, and – in the cowardly euphemism for ending a relationship – ‘I need some space’, but now it's the law, there are signs literally every few feet to remind us.

The upshot is that people are increasingly reduced to abstractions, which can obliterate the need for integrity in the way they are treated. A power-mad government can therefore easily reduce us to what Johnson called ‘pure mathematics’, or pieces on a chessboard.

The Cummings testimony highlighted that it was a "Data Geek" in 10 Downing Street running around screaming that he'd 'done the numbers' and that 'everyone was going to die' unless the country locked down. You and I were reduced to a dodgy (and wholly incorrect) calculation on a whiteboard. Worse still the SPI-B sub group of SAGE who were responsible for the psychological response, didn't then report on the psychological impact that lockdowns would have, not a bit of it, they were only drafted in to devise psychological warfare on the British people in order to get them to comply with the lockdown diktat.

Now that we have some freedoms being returned to us, Joe Public hasn't noticed the slight of hand done by authorities and big business who have long since wanted to reduce our freedoms, personal choice, and individuality to make us easier to control, manipulate, and extort. Have a walk around your town and see all the new rules, new 'ways of working' and new ways of restricting you have been ushered in, some not even with the pretext of Covid, whilst we were all locked away in our houses distracted by the news.

Cars have been banned from many city centres, whilst squeezing them off the road by the massive expansion of cycle lanes. These were said to be temporary whilst we were in a pandemic and nobody seems to have questioned what the fuck cycling has to do with killer viruses. They've been added to by 'Low traffic neighbourhoods' again, no consultation or justification, opportunistic Marxist controlled councils using us all being locked in our homes to implement their plan to ban cars and restrict personal freedoms. Retailers too have installed 'smart' tills where the customer does all of the work, you scan, product code, price, and pack your own items, you don't see or speak to an assistant at any point. One high street retailer has installed facial recognition software to enable them to better build up a detailed database of you and your mood so they can sell you more tat. This will be commonplace within the next 5 years. What was once a pleasurable pastime for millions reduced to some Minority Report style neon-lit nightmare.

Lockdowns have destroyed millions of lives and saved none, because we were never in mortal danger from Covid in the first place. We now know the tests were useless, the data faked, and deaths forged. There was no excess deaths caused by a virus last year. 2020 was actually a 'mild' year for deaths compared to the last 50, the government relying on the public not understanding how statistics work.

The cost of lockdowns, in terms of fallout is staggering. 500,000 excess deaths caused BY lockdowns over the next decade; 3/4 million more people unemployed; £3 TRILLION cost to the taxpayer, a generation of children's development retarded, and societal structures irreversibly changed. But arguably the psychological cost is by far the greatest. Millions cannot, and will not, see that has been done to them in the name of 'protecting' them still convinced that the government have their best interests at heart. Like that's ever the intention of any government.

Watch the Video the YouTube banned for telling the Truth

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Thanks for your ongoing work. I always find these pieces incredibly well written. Praying and meditating that this will seep into the general public's conscience eventually.


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