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Lockdowns 'Improved Life' for Some Claims Chris Whitty

Chris Whitty believes that his plan of lockdown, social destruction and the implementation of Marxism by the back door has “improved life” for some people.

Whilst answering a question on the impact of lockdown on mental health, England’s chief medical officer and one of the architects of Lockdown asserted that the pandemic restrictions, which have been in place on and off for a year, have “improved life” for some people.

Professor Chris Whitty made the comments while addressing the Public Health Conference 2021. Incredibly the professor argued that many people had actually enjoyed lockdown.

“For some people lockdown has either made no difference or in some cases – if you actually look at the academic literature and surveys – has even improved life, interestingly,”

We can be pretty sure that the academic literature of which he referred will be the same type of confirmatory bias that he commissioned from fellow head-case Neil Ferguson, whose report for Lockdowns continuing was absolutely crammed with political bias and Covid Propaganda.

Whitty went on to add that due to new variant strains and vaccine supply shortages, there will likely be a third wave of coronavirus either later this year or next winter, meaning lockdown restrictions are likely to return.

As we previously highlighted, another public health official said masks and other social distancing restrictions are likely to remain in place for years now that the public has become used to them.

Many have suggested that continued high-levels of support for increasingly cruel and oppressive laws is actually a form of Stockholm Syndrome, though the fact that millions have been bribed by the government's furlough scheme, allowing them to stay at home sat on their increasingly fat arses avoiding work is definitely also a factor. Weeks after the first lockdown was introduced last year, a poll found that 9 out of 10 Brits wanted to see it continued. Another more recent poll found that that over half of Brits say they will miss either “some” or “many” aspects of lockdown.

Aside from the mental health impact and the untold numbers of future deaths as a result of people having missed treatment and screenings for serious illnesses, the UK’s economy contracted the most in 300 years as a result of the lockdown, leading to 726,000 job losses and a national debt now over £2 TRILLION. But it's ok, Chris Whitty thinks that Lockdown 'improved life for some' - that some being him and his cronies no doubt.

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