Joe Biden: 'Manchurian Candidate' for The Great Reset?

The wide shot of Joe Biden's Inauguration looked like something from the Hunger Games. 25,000 National Guard troops formed a 'ring of steel' around the ceremony. Heavily armed and with faces covered, the Guard had been authorised to use deadly force on anyone attempting to disrupt the event. This wasn't the inauguration of a US President, this was the instillation of a Manchurian Candidate, installed by a Deep State, corrupt media and silicon valley.

Biden looked frail, seemed to slur his words and, at times, appeared not to know exactly where he was. His face often looked blank or confused, something some have suggested is classic characteristics of Dementia. He managed to read his script without the usual mumbles and gibberish, but what is clear from his performance during the election is that he couldn't possibly have had the sharpness of mind or quickness of wit needed to get to the White House without help, an awful lot of help.

In many ways Biden is the perfect patsy, throughout his 47 years of political life his achievements amount to zero. Nobody really knows what he stands for, because he doesn't stand for anything. His political style is 'bend with the wind', his speeches full of platitudes and most recently, Woke sloganeering.

Some are now suggesting that Biden was installed as President by some very dark forces who wield huge amounts of resources and power.

Joe Biden has close links to the World Economic Forum, and is a personal friend of it's megalomaniac founder Klaus Schwab.

At Biden's last appearance at the WEF summit in 2017 Schweb said he had "Known Joe Biden for many years" and that he was "a personal friend" later saying "You (Biden) have always been a very responsive leader" and that "You can count on the Davos Community in your endeavours".

Biden's close association with this sinister organisation gives cause for alarm. It is no coincidence that the WEF's 'Great Reset' plan is scheduled to start in 2021.

In 2018 Bill Gates (one of the WEF's council members) staged a mock Coronavirus Pandemic exercise with members of the World Health Organisation, United Nations, World Economic Forum and representatives of multinational corporations and Silicon Valley. The four day event was said to be to test nations preparedness for a pandemic, but day four of the event was entirely dedicated to how the public could be made to comply with rules by controlling social media.

Within months of this supposed exercise, the actual Coronavirus appeared, in November 2019 the virus was 'identified' and by March 2020 half the planet was under lockdown, a term only ever applying to prisoners before 2020. The left-wing media reported every infection, every event, and every death as if Donald Trump was personally responsible. Distorting what he said, misreporting events, inflating figures, and even getting a perfectly good prophylactic drug banned that could have saved lives because the President mentioned he was taking it. Meanwhile Social media, banned, deleted and blocked anyone who challenged the narrative.

But the dark forces attempting to destroy Trump could not count on the pandemic alone and so orchestrated the fixing of a US election. Now, as he is installed as president, the World Economic Forum