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Does 110K More Votes Than Voters in Swing State of Wisconsin Prove Trump Right?

The mainstream media were quick to scoff at Trump's suggestion electoral fraud may have taken place, though, for weeks they have been happily repeating verbatim Joe Biden's accusation that Trump would 'steal the election' and 'refuse to leave the White House'. Every mention of election fraud has been followed by "but there is no proof" when they should be saying 'as yet has not been proven'.

Reports are emerging from the States that, contrary to what the media are telling us, there are noises coming out of Wisconsin pointing to some extremely suspect behaviour with the counting process. There are, as yet unconfirmed, reports that there have been 110K MORE votes counted than there are VOTERS in the State. This just happens to have occurred in Wisconsin, the State that may tip the election in favour of Joe Biden. Conservative organisation Tipping Point UK said of the findings; If UN election observers were looking at this they would call it 'ballot stuffing'.

Biden, who appears to have the early stages of Dementia, rambled his way through an acceptance speech, seemingly unclear that he hadn't actually won yet. He made a veiled reference to vote counting, almost as if he knew that, whatever number Trump gained, he would gain more, or perhaps he was unaware of anything outside of what seems to be an increasingly small circle of consciousness.

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