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US Lab Says Electronic Voting Machines are Easy to Hack

US Lab has Youtube video showing how electronic voting machines are easy to hack

A video on Youtube shows just how easy it is to hack the type of voting machines used in the US elections. Argonne National Laboratories test the security strength of systems with some of the United States' most sensitive data. John Warner from Argonne states in the video "We break into real security systems to test their strength".

Warner shows how he easily manipulates the outcome of an election using a 'custom made remote control device'. The video narrator says "If it sounds simple, that's because it is"

Another expert then tells us: "We believe that a resourceful 12 to 13 year old would essentially be able to produce these alien electronics that can hijack the machine"

The head of Argonne's Vulnerability Assessment Team claims that "there really isn't much security thought put into these devices" and goes on to say "often where the machines are stored has fairly weak security" and suggests that the machines are "universally transported by lowest-bid trucking companies, with no background checks done"

The video, freely available on Youtube, goes on to show exactly how the system is hacked. Whilst another video, also on Youtube, states that it would only take approximately 7 minutes alone with one of the machines to be hacked, with the hacker then having full control of the system.

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