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Experts Have 'No Explanation' For Flu Disappearing From Seasonal Data

Whilst Covid-19 the 'respiratory illness of choice' for this season.

An investigation by Doctors in the US has thrown doubt on the accuracy of CDC pandemic data, mirroring the concerns on experts in the UK who have raised similar doubts over the UK Covid figures.

The chart of prevalence for Week 51 of 2020 shows virtually no cases of Flu anywhere in the country. A country of some 370 million people. A country who can see 165000 deaths in a flu season mysteriously has, this season, a handful of cases according to the CDC.

How fortunate! Because dealing with two Coronaviruses (Covid-29 AND Flu), so very similar in composition and symptoms, would put even more strain on an already stretched health service; that's how the CDC want you to view this, as a simple lucky coincidence. On the year that Covid-19 appeared, that a-another virus that always visits the country has 'chosen' not to put in an appearance, like they had some gentleman's agreement, with Flu stepping aside to let his young upstart of a cousin have a go.

A look at Flu figures for the same period last year and the map is very different. The 2018-19 heat-map shows many of the biggest States in the most severe category, with Seasonal flu rampant across vast swathes of the US. Compare that to the same period this year, and they look entirely different.

Whilst the CDC publish these data, there is no analysis, or contextualising information to accompany the statistics. Partly that is because nobody gives a toss about Flu any more, especially in the Covid-hysterical media, so these glaring anomalies can happily go unchallenged.

The explanation for this was limited, vague and doesn't adequately negate what we are seeing: The CDC claim:

"More adults have gotten the flu shot in pharmacies in 2020 compared to last year’s flu season. But vaccination rates among certain groups — such as non-Hispanic Black adults and children — seem to have dropped off a bit. Even though flu activity is low, and overall vaccination rates are strong, the flu is out there and could surge at any moment."

This does not adequately explain the obvious, for the primary reason that vaccination rates will have been of similar or better in the previous flu season, the implication of their statement is that Covid-19 somehow prompted more people to seek a flu-vaccination. there is little or no evidence that this is the case, and with the focus on everything Covid it is more likely that less flu vaccinations will have been administered. Either way, this does not explain these figures. Other experts have pointed to a far more likely explanation, that flu is routinely being 'misdiagnosed' as Covid-19. Currently, there is no accurate way of distinguishing these two viruses: The PCR and lateral flow tests are giving up to 70% false-positives. Add into the mix the cognitive-bias that Covid-hysteria has created and here's the result. Everything's Covid even when it's Flu.

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