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The Chief Executive of the NHS Confederation which represents the healthcare system in England, Wales and Northern Ireland says the Government mustn’t wait to implement ‘Plan B‘ winter measures, including vaccine passports and mask mandates, but should bring them into force right away instead. In fact, he believes the current Covid figures warrant “Plan B Plus”

Speaking to the Guardian the NHS Confederation Chief Exec claimed that the country was in crisis and that the NHS would become overwhelmed any day now if Plan B Plus (Lockdown) wasn't implemented. The Guardian writes:

Infections have been rising sharply since the start of October but the Government is resisting introducing the extra restrictions set out in its winter plan such as masks, vaccine passports and advice to work from home. Downing Street said it was keeping a “very close eye” on the situation. But Matthew Taylor, Chief executive of the NHS Confederation… said immediate action was required to prevent the NHS “stumbling into a crisis” where the elective care recovery would be jeopardised.

Taylor said: “We are right on the edge – and it is the middle of October. It would require an incredible amount of luck for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a profound crisis over the next three months.

“The Government ought to not just announce that we’re moving to Plan B, but it should be Plan B Plus. We should do what’s in Plan B in terms of masks… working from home, but also we should try to achieve the kind of national mobilisation that we achieved in the first and second waves, where the public went out of their way to support and help the health service.”

Ministers should encourage the public to do their bit by using the NHS responsibly, looking out for neighbours, volunteering or even re-entering the healthcare workforce, Taylor added.

“We need that same sense of pulling together over the next few months, trying to avoid risky behaviour if it’s not necessary. This is not a question of if we don’t do it something might happen. If we don’t do it, it would take a miracle for us not to find ourselves in the midst of a really profound crisis in our health and social care system over the next three months.”

Scientists are also urging ministers to introduce Plan B. Professor Christina Pagel of UCL said: “We are now seeing cases and hospital admissions rising steadily and an out of control epidemic within schools. The Government must switch to its Plan B immediately and accelerate roll-out of vaccines, including to those who are yet to be vaccinated at all or are just on one dose.”

Professor Rowland Kao, a member of the SPI-M advisory committee, speaking in a personal capacity, added: “Light touch measures, especially where these are unlikely to negatively impact people’s livelihoods or cause indirect harm, should be welcome… I do think they would be helpful now.”

The government, along with the media, have been working busily manipulating reality, or at least the perception of it, ready to enact another lockdown. The entire threat of restrictions and lockdowns is based on three numbers, all of which are a lie. If we didn't watch the news or read the papers we wouldn't know there was a deadly plague in Britain at all. We don't know anyone who has actually died from it, at the very most we will have only known someone who has had a positive result from a meaningless test, all the rest of the 'evidence' for a pandemic has come from Governments. That evidence is lies.

Authorities are lying to you, on a massive scale.

According to the official narrative, 'Cases' are an important measure of the Pandemic's spread and in recent weeks have shot up to over 43,000 a day. But cases do not equate to infection or illness. they are meaningless. A medical 'case', at least before Covid, could not simply be a lab result, it would have to be confirmed by symptoms, and other diagnostic processes such as X-rays and CT Scans. There would have to be some sign of disease to be classed as a case of it. All that has been dispensed with, replaced by 'Asymptomatic' diagnosis. Another lie made up in 2020. The PCR test used to 'confirm' cases itself has been manipulated to give a false-positive by spooling it up from 24 cycles to 40. This is no accident or lab error, this is done on the specific instructions of the Government to create an illusion of a pandemic.

The second number that the government are using is another manipulation of the truth. What the government have failed to do is tell you that over 60% of those they're counting as Covid patients are, in fact, in hospital for other reasons totally unrelated to Covid. Even more of a manipulation is that thousands of them only test positive after being admitted. But none of this matters of course, it all counts. The higher these numbers the better.

This is the one people get most easily conned by but this is actually the easiest of the three things to fabricate. In simple terms those that are said to have died from Covid-19 almost always died from something else. The only thing needed to count as a covid death is a positive test before the patient died. that's it. Public Health England have two simple datasets; patients with positive PCR tests and patients who have died and if your name happens to appear on both you're counted as a covid death. You could have died of anything, heart attack, colliding with a bus, being stabbed by a terrorist, it does not matter; if you performed a swab test for Covid at any time before that event then you are a Covid Death.

Back in June we saw secret plans drawn up by Chris Whitty for Lockdowns this winter, reporting:

A draft blueprint created for ministers lists masks, social distancing and even more lockdowns, to combat what SAGE claim will be future waves of infection and overwhelming the NHS (yes, that old Pony again) Measures could include working from home temporarily or a limit on indoor gatherings, according to the Daily Mirror. Basically the same lies said for the last 18 months.

The plan, also includes more jabs as the technocrats push the idea that each variant must have its own vaccine. Chris Wormald, a top civil servant at the Department of Health, said that he is 'confident health secretary Sajid Javid can be convinced of the need for the five-year plan despite his more hawkish position on lockdown restrictions', but as we reported this week, Javid is a Covidian, and had voted for all restrictions to date, so no convincing needed...

Whilst last month we reported:

Government to Impose Firebreak LOCKDOWN in October by 'Fixing' the Hospital Data.

The Government have drawn up secret plans for an October ‘firebreak’ lockdown and will 'fix' the numbers to do it.

New Lockdowns are coming, in a matter of weeks with SAGE using the same cheap tricks to justify them as they did last year. The government have decided that if hospitalisations continue at their current level, and threaten to overload the NHS, that they will impose a 'firebrake' lockdown in October a senior Government scientist has told iNews. But Vision News has learned that SAGE will 'fix' the numbers, in exactly the same way they did for lockdowns last year, to make this happen.

The member of the Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) said "the UK is about to enter 'an extended peak' of infections and hospitalisations, which are in danger of pushing the NHS beyond breaking point and could force the Government to re-introduce restrictions over the school half term period at the end of next month." reports iNews, adding “This is essentially the precautionary break that SAGE suggested last year,” ..

It's the same tricks to tell the same lies. But who still believes it?

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Philip Davies
Philip Davies
Oct 20, 2021

'It's the same tricks to tell the same lies. But who still believes it?'

The Authorities no longer require us to believe in them.

The guiding principle of Society is now expressed in terms of each one of us being regarded as diseased and thus as a dangerous and irresponsible 'typhoid Mary'. The condition of sickness is now decreed by government edict - there is no use any of us protesting that we are without sin/without disease, since we are now officially considered diseased until authority declares us to be well. And it is not in the interests of the new totalitarianism to let anyone act freely as if they are well - even if we feel perfectly fine. An…

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