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No End to Lockdowns as SAGE Set Target They Know Can't Be Reached

No end to lockdown until number of coronavirus cases 'falls below 1,000 a day'

The Telegraph report that Downing Street are considering a 1,000 cases a day benchmark for easing England's third national lockdown, despite cases hovering around the 10,000 daily mark. a senior Whitehall source told the Telegraph : "For any significant relaxation of lockdown, household mixing and reopening pubs, case numbers have to be in the hundreds, not thousands.

SAGE were never going to allow lockdowns to end. they have spent months fabricating data, exaggerating risks and 'leaking' scare stories to the press. As we reported last week, Professor Pantsdown Neil Ferguson has provided another report full of apocalyptic predictions, political bias and fabricated 'facts'. whilst Public Health England have been busily searching for mutant Covid strains that are so terrible patients don't even know they have them, for one purpose and one purpose only: to prevent lockdowns ending. None of this is by accident, or an error, or 'just being cautious', this was planned long ago.

Less than 1000 cases a day CAN NEVER BE REACHED. here are the simple maths that prove this is not possible (and SAGE know that)

Mass testing to start next week: The ONS are planning to send out 400,000 tests a day from next Monday. Tests that we know have a high false-positive rate that could be as high as 3 in 10 results, but lets be generous and say that they only had a 1% false-positive rate, that would still mean 4000 'positive' results (at least 300% above the benchmark). SAGE know this, they're not stupid, meaning that this is done in full knowledge that they're deceiving the public.

Beta males suddenly acquiring huge amounts of fame power and influence are never going to readily give up those things, it will have to be prized from their greasy (and preferably cold) sausage fingers.

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