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Dr Robert Malone Issues Stark Warning to the 'Arrogant Vaccine Elite': The Public are Coming for You

On the very day that Chris Whitty and Patrick Vallance spoke at the Covid Inquiry as witnesses, not defendants, Dr Robert Malone issued a warning to the 'academic vaccine elite' that they would do well to read.

Dr Robert Malone writes:

"The academic vaccine elite need to grow up (or grow a pair…) and realize that they are about to be subjected to a level of public scrutiny that they have never encountered. They have lived very sheltered, protected lives, never being challenged, with Big Pharma backing their every utterance, suckling at the breast of forever NIH funding, and both CDC and FDA treating them like little gods. Those days are passing now. The days of fawning adulation from corporate media will also pass at some point.

The public is becoming increasingly resistant to the arrogant, condescending “ad homineum, ad nauseum” gaslighting strategy. They got it wrong during the COVIDcrisis, again and again, and still are unable to come to terms with what that means. Will they be held accountable? How long can corporate media continue to come to their rescue?

All I know is that in the interim, I am going to continue to get asked on short notice to provide an alternative “insider” view, and those condescending academics are not going to like what they hear from me. And oh- by the way - Charlie Kirk asked me to come on for today’s show. I suspect he is going to want to discuss this also. Perhaps I will see you there.

So please, all of you, continue to ask questions of those arrogant, entitled academics who act as if they are above reproach. “The Science” is not settled, and it is not owned by academics, the WHO, or the WEF. Science is an intellectual inquiry process, not an object. A process, not an endpoint. It is never settled. And when you hear someone asserting otherwise, you will be able to immediately tell that they are blowing smoke. Choosing my words carefully there. And Bobby is not a fringe candidate, no matter what tired, pre-digested ad homineums the entitled academic vaccine elite may wish to regurgitate.

Read in full here


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