Government Block Release of emails Between Patrick Vallance and Anthony Fauci Over Virus Origins

Just making him look even more guilty.

The Mail on Sunday made a Freedom of Information request to have copies of all the emails between Patrick Vallance and Anthony Fauci and what they got in return was entirely redacted documents.

The newspaper used Freedom of Information rules to obtain the cache of 32 emails about a secretive teleconference between British and American health officials held early in the pandemic. Those emails are likely to contain the truth about Anthony Fauci and Patrick Vallance's knowledge about the origins of the Coronavirus. But operatives in Whitehall blacked out almost every word before releasing the crucial documents making him look even more guilty.

Before this discussion, several of the world’s experts on viruses had expressed belief the new virus most likely came from a laboratory, after it the same experts were dismissing such scenarios as ‘implausible’ and branding them conspiracy theories.

We already know that Gain of Function experiments were being produced there, and that Anthony Fauci not only knew of the work, but had commissioned. We also know that the emails gained in the US with a similar Freedom of Information Request shows Anthony Fauci conspiring with others to cover up the virus origins. In those emails Patrick Vallance's name comes up several times.

The Mail on Sunday requested emails, minutes and notes on the call between Sir Patrick Vallance – Britain’s chief scientific adviser – and its organisers Sir Jeremy Farrar, director of the Wellcome Trust medical charity, and Anthony Fauci, the US infectious diseases expert and presidential adviser. Yet when the documents were released they had page after page redacted with thick lines of black ink by Whitehall officials. Even the names of experts copied in on discussions were blocked – and exchanges as trivial as one Edinburgh biologist’s ‘thank you’ for being invited – leaving only a few basic details about the call visible.

The lines left intact include a demand for the discussions, involving 13 participants around the world, to be conducted in ‘total confidence’, and an intriguing email line suggesting ‘we need to talk about the backbone too, not just the insert’. That was possibly sent by Dutch virologist Marion Koopmans, a member of the World Health Organisation team that produced a widely criticised report into Covid’s origins.

The Sunday mail stated: Such absurd state secrecy is highly contemptuous towards taxpayers and to a world that wants to know what caused this devastating pandemic to guard against similar catastrophes in the future. The response was condemned by Tory MP and freedom of information campaigner David Davis.

‘This is a matter of massive public and global importance,’ he said. ‘It is hard to see why there should be such secrecy that it outweighs the immense public interest and requires them to redact this sort of important data.’