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"It Was All A Pantomime" No.10 Official Tells Covid Inquiry

A Government Official working in No.10 during lockdown has told the Covid Inquiry that the government knew that masks didn't work, didn't bother with social distancing and was told to only do things for the cameras.

Written evidence submitted by a No.10 official reveals that, behind the famous black door, none of the covid rules were being followed. Whilst the rest of the country was under house arrest and subjected to a long list of draconian measures, those in Downing Street were not, for them it was business as usual, including partying on a Friday.

The No.10 official, whose name has been redacted, states:

'I was the (redacted), which had the Press Office, Press SPAD [Special Advisor] Office and a vestibule connecting all three rooms together, the Vestibule was a common area for meetings and gatherings which had been a place of meeting well before I started in 2018, this is where Wine Time Fridays took place. These were calendered weekly events in our Outlook diaries starting at 4pm where Press Officers would gather on Fridays to have drinks.

During the Pandemic, No.10, despite setting the rules to the country, was slow to enforce any ruling in the building. The press office Wine Time Fridays continued throughout, social distancing was no enforced and mask wearing was not enforced. I once enquired to (redacted), in March 2020, (redacted), whether we should be wearing masks and was told that the science advice was that there was 'no point' and had 'very little effect on the spread on covid". This was all part of a wider culture of adhering to any rules. No.10 was like an island oasis of normality. Operational notes were sent out from the security team to be mindful of the cameras outside the door, not to go out in groups and to social distance, it was all a pantomime.'

This will be added to the (massive) list of evidence that proves the government knew there was no danger and then likely ignored.

The enquiry is part of the narrative, the establishment investigating itself. It is all theatre and misdirections. The real culprits, those who faked the pandemic, will not even be questioned.

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