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Covid: The First Marxist Virus

Everyone suffered, but no one was saved unfairly.

Everyone was told they had it, everyone was placed under house arrest, and everyone was forced to have the vaccine. And we haven’t even mentioned making millions dependant on the state for their wages, or the actual communists in SAGE dictating the response.

Even if you believe SARS-Cov2 was a genuine threat to mankind you cannot ignore the response resembled something straight out of Marx' Communist Manifesto.

Not only did the virus originate in China, but the way of controlling it was taken wholesale from there too. Whilst the state forcing millions to become reliant on them for wages had the stench of Marxism all over it, we've not even mentioned the actual communists in SAGE making those rules yet.

We should have realised early on that we were witnessing a Marxist plot, given that Klaus Schwab, a devote Marxist, was so enthusiastic for Covid. Schwab who has long been pushing Neo-Marxism, said that Covid presented a 'unique opportunity' and wrote an entire book about how it would be used to usher in a new age of Marxism (rebranded as 'stakeholder' capitalism).

The Chinese Communist Party hold massive sway over the World Health Organisation.

The Pandemic was declared officially by the WHO, but as they have become overly influenced by the Chinese Communist Party in recent years, it was really them who declared the pandemic. Once you know that it puts a completely different perspective on events that followed.

The Communist Party's hold over the WHO was the very reason Donald Trump withdrew the US from it in 2020 and the same reason Joe Biden signed the country back in the second he got into office.

The WHO took everything the Chinese Communist Party said on trust. When the Chinese CDC claimed they had not only found a new virus, and mapped its entire genome, all in just three days, the WHO never questioned any of it. Never questioned their masters.

China's Communist party's response to the virus was the same as their response to everything; to oppress the people. We witnessed people being arrested for being healthy, being carted-off to unknown detention centres, or their apartment doors being welded shut with them inside, their pets being beaten to death in the street, all to supposedly stop the spread of a mild virus.

British Health advisors (SAGE) weren't just salivating at the idea of using China's methods on their own people, they were positively foaming at the mouth at the thought. Neil Ferguson said:

"we had watched as China had enacted this innovative intervention in pandemic control...SAGE debated whether we could get away with it here, then Italy happened and we knew we could."

Lockdowns weren't carefully designed scientific responses to a virus they were a carbon copy of an authoritarian quarantine policy implemented by the Chinese Communist Party. Ferguson publicly endorsed the Chinese model of quarantine specifically on February 28th last year, following news reports he'd seen of Chinese authorities throwing screaming citizens into tiny metal boxes on the back of lorries to transport them to some unspecified internment camp.

Ferguson was supported by another SAGE scientist who loved Communism. Susan Michie was the psychologist who devised the psychological tactics the government used to get the public to comply with Lockdown rules. Susan Michie is also a fully paid up member of the Communist Party and regularly spouts Communist propaganda on Twitter. Of course Michie was in full support of using China's tactics for total oppression of the British people, her Marxist ideologies the driving force behind everything she does.

Luke Johnson, Chair of Risk Capital Partners Tweeted: "Susan Michie is a member of the Communist Party. They know all about controlling behaviour in places like communist North Korea."

'Policy Became a Form of 'Epidemiological Communism' Says SAGE Scientist'

Professor Mark Woolhouse, a member of SPI-M, the modelling group on SAGE, in his book 'The Year the World Went Mad' says "The Government decided that telling half the population that they were at extremely low risk would dilute adherence to the harsh rules it was imposing, and instead ramped up the threat warnings. “We are all at risk,” noted Michael Gove in March 2020. 'The virus does not discriminate.' But it did then, and it does now."

“I heard [the official] argument caricatured as: everyone died, but at least no one was saved unfairly,” notes Woolhouse. Policy became a form of epidemiological communism, with imposed equality, even if it was equality of misery. “BBC News backed up this misperception by regularly reporting rare tragedies involving low-risk individuals as if they were the norm,” notes Woolhouse.

Furlough was a dry run for the universal basic income.

Through some dodgy science and a whole lot of fear propaganda, the entire country was convinced that it had to isolate, with millions voluntarily placing themselves under house arrest creating the conditions for another great Marxist wet dream, everyone reliant on the state for their wages. Furlough had never been heard of before March 2020 but was ushered in by Rishi Sunak without a single person in politics or the media questioning the sinister subtext. Joe Public didn't mind, they were being paid to sit on their arses watching Netflix, no clue they were being used as a Pawn in an unseen game.

It didn't take long for Furlough to be seen as a dry run for a 'Universal Basic Income'. Many laughed when it was suggested, but they are not laughing now. Furlough may be long gone but the scheme built up an expectation that the government would always step in to pay the wages of people for whatever reason.

In December of 2021 Financial Times Editor wrote: Use furlough as template for universal basic income

He went on to write:

"Martin Sandbu’s video (“The case for a universal basic income”, Video,, December 20) is an excellent and engaging presentation of the basic income debate. He shows that funding of a more substantial level of UBI is comparable in the UK case with the cost of pensions and tax allowances, and could therefore be funded by their withdrawal.

Beyond this, however, the pandemic economy has demonstrated the feasibility of a more radical funding solution. In the UK furlough scheme, the £69bn cost was fully funded as part of the Bank of England’s purchase of £875bn worth of government debt. Since the government owns the BoE, this is equivalent to the issue of debt-free sovereign money. It caused neither hyperinflation nor devaluation. It’s a compelling macroeconomic pilot for basic income to be funded by sovereign money."

No sooner had Furlough ended than Universal Income started to be pushed. Almost unbelievably there a number of trials being run around the world to hook people (mainly young people) into dependence on the State. In the UK Mark Drakeford's Welsh government started a scheme that pays 500 people £1,600 a month, supposedly with no-strings attached. Under the pilot policy some vulnerable young people will be paid £19,200 a year for 24 months from their 18th birthday – the highest rate of any large-scale pilot.

This was the 'opportunity' Klaus Schwab talked about. Ushering in a world government based on Marxist Ideology.

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