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Vaccine Death Woman Tweeted Government Covid Advice Hours Before Jab Killed Her

Widower is being ignored by authorities

Nicola Weideling was a fit and active 45 year old woman whose passions were literature and travel. Her husband Kurt says his wife was a “really healthy, vibrant person” who was “at the heart” of every social engagement.

Throughout the pandemic, Nicola had followed all the instructions issued by Government, even changing her Twitter handle to 'Nicola Weideling is staying home' in support of the government advice. Even whilst in hospital with the vaccine already killing her, she retweeted the 'Covid Fact Check UK' tweet urging her family and friend to get the vaccine:

He said she went on to develop a "really, really bad" headache and then spotted an "odd" bruise on her wrist - so the couple called 999 and was taken to hospital.

At hospital Nicola was diagnosed with vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia with Mr Weideling stating: "From that point on there was never any doubt that she was suffering a blood clot as a result of the AstraZeneca vaccine." She then received two rounds of surgery but died shortly after.

Mr Weideling stressed he and his wife believed people should continue to get the vaccine, saying Nicola posted on social media while in hospital to encourage her friends to get the jab.

He went on to claim people like Nicola "have effectively died as heroes" as they had made the sacrifice for a vaccine programme that has saved thousands of lives.

Now Kurt Weideling is trying to get compensation but he is very unlikely to get a penny from anyone. Firstly, because all pharmaceutical companies involved in the manufacture of Covid vaccines made the UK government sign an Indemnity Clause, absolving them from any financial responsibility, before they would do anything. And Secondly, the UK Government's official line is that you will have to prove that the patient died as a direct result of the Covid vaccine, and whilst PHE maintain that no deaths have been proved to have been caused by the jab. he's unlikely to get a penny.

Mr Weideling says he is now apply for compensation through the UK government's Vaccine Damage Payment programme, which was set up in 1979 and offers those who are "severely disabled as a result of a vaccination against certain diseases" a one-off tax-free payment of £120,000.' He added there was a "pretty fundamental ethical responsibility to those families" who have lost loved ones who have had the jab, after the UK continued with its vaccine programme "knowing that a certain number of people would die".

Mr Weideling appears not to be in possession of the facts, and nor, tragically, was his wife. Had she looked up the fatality statistics for the AZ vaccine rather than relying on official Covid propaganda to inform her decision, then she may well still be with us today. If Mr Weideling thinks that he is going to get any type of compensation then he's deluded. As for advising friends and family to still get the vaccine, even after its killed his wife; that's just bloody idiotic.

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