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Whitty's Vaccine Death Toll Now Six Times Higher Than Harold Shipman's Murder Tally

Death by lethal injection is nothing new. Long before Chris Whitty was pushing toxic vaccines on people who didn't need them there was Harold Shipman.

Harold Shipman was, until recently, the biggest serial killer in NHS history. There had been others, such has the 'angel of death' Beverley Allitt, who murdered babies in her care, but nobody had come even close to the systematic slaughter of patients by Shipman to date. He was convicted of the murder of 215 patients although he may have killed up to 450 people, with his victims ranging from 4 years old to 93 years of age. Shipman murdered his victims by injecting them with lethal doses of diamorphine, under the pretext that this was 'humane' and 'in their best interest' with his killing spree spanning over two decades, with each murder emboldening him further. Shipman also fit the bill of the classic serial killer, higher than average IQ, a narcissistic personality and, crucially, had suffered severe childhood trauma, often a 'trigger' for serial killers, when his mother died of lung cancer when Shipman was aged 17. Shipman was able to carry out his heinous crimes with impunity as, being an NHS Doctor, few thought to question him on what he did, the very thing that he relied on to facilitate his murderous reign. Nobody dared question him, even though it was 'common knowledge' that you were much more likely to die in his care than you were any of the other GPs in the region.

In March 1998, Linda Reynolds of the Brooke Surgery in Hyde expressed concerns to the local coroner for the South Manchester District, about the high death rate among Shipman's patients. In particular, she was concerned about the large number of cremation forms for elderly women that he had needed countersigned. The Police were informed but, with the mindset the same as that of the general public, that an NHS Doctor was beyond reproach, they half-heartedly looked into the case, said there was insufficient evidence to bring charges and closed the investigation on 17 April, enabling Shipman to continue murdering.

Following the investigation he believed that he was now 'untouchable' and ramped up his killing campaign, culminating in murdering two people on the same day. Shipman's last victim was Kathleen Grundy, who was found dead at her home on 24 June 1998. He was the last person to see her alive; he later signed her death certificate, recording the cause of death as old age. Grundy's daughter, lawyer Angela Woodruff, became concerned when solicitor Brian Burgess informed her that a will had been made, apparently by her mother, with doubts about its authenticity. The will excluded Woodruff and her children, but left £386,000 to Shipman. At Burgess's urging, Woodruff went to the police, who began another investigation which ultimately led to his conviction at the age of 54.

The similarities between Shipman's reign of terror and Whitty's are striking. Whitty like Shipman was 54 years old at the time he killed most people. And, just like Shipman, he also suffered childhood trauma at the age of 17 when his father, a British diplomat, was murdered by terrorists. Whitty, like Shipman, also favours giving people a lethal injection under the pretext of treating a condition they don't have, whilst operating with impunity due to his position and standing in the NHS.

Shipman was regarded by those who he didn't attack as a 'god-like' clinician who showed 'great compassion and kindness' towards his patients. Little did they know that he was murdering their friends and relatives on an almost industrial scale. Whitty too has a God-like status among those who don't know what's occurring. Just google 'Chris Whitty' and see the dozens of articles telling how he too is thought of in the same terms as Shipman. Serial killers are often said to have a charming personality, winning the trust of their victims with it.

The other serial-killer trait both Harold Shipman and Chris Witty share is that of narcissism often manifesting in arrogance. Shipman, even after he was caught, maintained a huge amount of it, believing himself to be intellectually superior to the police officers who questioned him. Whitty too displays the same type of immense arrogance if there's so much as a hint of criticism of him or his work. The charming boffin facade is dropped, instantly, and the real Whitty appears, according to a Whitehall source. Expect that behaviour if he's ever to be convicted of the vaccine deaths that he's orchestrated.

Currently those deaths in the UK are over 1400, over six times what Shipman managed. Whitty maintains Covid vaccines are "safe and effective" despite all evidence to the contrary. He may not be administering the jab personally, unlike Shipman, but as chief medical officer he is directly responsible for their use, and directly responsible for every single one of the 1400 deaths as sure as if he put the needle in the arm of the victim himself.

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