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Tory MP on Lockdown: "People Have Got To Rise Up and Bring It Down!"

British MPs within his own party are demanding that Prime Minister Boris Johnson outline his exit strategy for the nationwide lockdown, with one senior minister warning that, if he doesn’t, the British people will “rise up and bring it down”.

Speaking on Talk Radio Sir Desmond Swayne, the MP for New Forest West, warned that the “goalposts keep moving” on the lockdown timeframe, and “We have to focus on hospital admissions and keep that focus rigorous…[or] at some stage people have got to rise up and bring it down.

Swayne’s comments echo those of West Midlands Police commissioner David Jamieson, who warned back in October that more lockdowns meant “We’re sitting on a time bomb here.”

adding “We’re getting very near the stage where you could see a considerable explosion of frustration and energy,” “Things are very on the edge in a lot of communities and it wouldn’t take very much to spark off unrest, riots, damage.”

As we have reported previously, Lockdown3 was planned back in October, by Neil Ferguson and NERVTAG originally with the public mixing at Christmas as fall-guys, but later deciding on suggesting a Mutant strain could be the reason. We then predicted that Lockdown3 will be extended until at least June, with the Mutant strain suddenly rendering the, already pretty useless, vaccine ineffective. followed by a revised 'tier' system throughout summer and then next winter’s seasonal flu counted as Covid to provide further ‘evidence’ that the virus is endemic in the country, and that another lockdown MUST be implemented to ’save the NHS’ again.

We now can confirm that the current Lockdown restrictions will be in place until JULY 17th 2021. an unreported entry on the Government website's Health Protection Legislation page states this is when the current restrictions are scheduled to end.


19.—(1) These Regulations expire at the end of [F117th July 2021]

If the public were to be made aware of this, perhaps they would rise-up as Desmond Swayne suggests, this could well be why this has been unreported by the mainstream media, fear.

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