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No Households Mixing UNTIL JUNE Says Minister

And Current National Lockdown to Continue past Easter too.

We reported in December that lockdowns would be imposed for 6 months and not the six weeks suggested, now the rest of the media are beginning to catch-on.

The Mail claim that 'The goalposts are moving yet again' but they were never set in march in the first place. According to reports in some papers today, 'Lockdown measures could last “beyond Easter” despite the rollout of the Covid vaccine.' Whilst 'Ministers have been warned that, with the possible exception of schools, there is unlikely to be any relaxation of the lockdown at the first formal “review point” in the middle of next month.'

The Mail goes on to say 'yesterday claimed that Boris Johnson was targeting Good Friday on April 2nd as the earliest date for a significant lifting of the lockdown' whilst the Sun said the PM has started “top secret” planning for millions to meet their families over Easter. Both are wrong. To begin with the ‘review point’ has been given to the press as a way of pacifying the public, but this, just the same as every other 'review point', has been given to make it appear that due-process is being done. It isn’t. The day before the 'review point' Lockdown Fanatics Whitty, Vallance, and Ferguson will mysteriously have new 'proof' the mutant strain will cause us all to be dead by a week on Friday, scaring the gullible Boris Johnson into extending lockdowns further. It's the same trick they pulled for both November and January Lockdowns and destroying Christmas.

Lockdowns will occur for more of 2021 than they did for 2020. Whilst the media and the majority of the public believe that the Vaccine rollout will mean an end to lockdowns SAGE have repeatedly said that one will not achieve the other. Patrick Vallance, Chris Whitty and Jonathan Van-Tam have all suggested that lockdowns will continue long after the vulnerable have been vaccinated, that ‘a gradual easing of restrictions may happen AFTER that’ and that “some form of restrictions will need to be in place next winter”. Whitty: "We may have to consider some form of lockdowns next winter, for instance". Vallance "The public should expect to be still wearing masks next winter" and Van-Tam "I think masks are a good thing, and that people should expect to wear them for years".

The mail reports 'One attendee at a Government summit with business leaders on Monday claimed ministers had warned that heavy restrictions could remain until May or even June.' That supports what we reported previously. Secretly SAGE’s timescales for relinquishing power will be: June for National Lockdown3; Tier Systems that they can switch on and switch off at will, with another Full Lockdown in winter 2021-22.

We predicted the November Lockdown and that it wouldn’t save Christmas despite the promise. We predicted another lockdown would come after Christmas and would stretch for at least 3 months. We predicted that the public would be blamed for lockdowns not working, all of which proved right.

We now predict this Lockdown will extend until June, that the ‘reason’ used will be because the new mutant strain is affecting more people, and has also reduced the vaccine efficiency. We predict that, following this we will have social-distancing, mask-wearing, and limited household mixing all through summer, with next winter’s seasonal flu being used as further ‘evidence’ that the virus is endemic in the country and that another lockdown MUST be implemented to ’save the NHS’.

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