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The MASS SHOOTING You Didn't Hear About

A mass shooting took place at a high school in Iowa last week, but, unlike most others the shooting, went completely unreported by the mainstream media. The shooting at Perry High School in Iowa, which lasted several hours, left one person dead and several others injured.

Initially the shooting was mentioned by some news outlets. This was before it was known who had carried out the attack. But when the gunman was identified as being an LGBTQ+ activist the story suddenly disappeared. The shooter, who shot himself following his rampage through Perry High School, was named as Dylan Butler an LGBTQ+ Activist obsessed with Trans Kids ideology. As soon as the public identified the shooter mainstream media outlets dropped the story like a hot potato. It vanished from all of the main outlets instantly.

Now, some days after the shooting, Associated Press have published a story reframing the mass shooter as the innocent victim in all this. Gone was any reference to the actual atrocities, or news about those who he shot, replaced with a piece painting the sick pervert as some sort of tragic victim of transphobia.

According to AP "he got tired of the bullying".

The shooting at Perry High School in Iowa claimed the life of a sixth grader and injured several others and whilst covered initially, It quickly emerged that the now deceased shooter, 17-year-old Dylan Butler, had a social media footprint showing he identified as trans nonbinary.

According to his Instagram bio, the trans gender-fluid terrorist who shot up the school used the pronouns 'he/they.' 2 years ago before he committed the mass shooting the trans terrorist posted “school shooter” and the shooter “liked” it on Instagram.

TikTok immediately scrubbed the account of the LGBTQ+ mass shooter as soon as it realised he was the 'wrong' kind of shooter.

Even those posting on supposedly 'free speech' platform 'X' found that any mention of the news story mysteriously got deleted with no explanation.

This is not the first mass shooting by a 'trans' person. Another, almost identical incident took place in March 2023. A 28-year-old transsexual called Audrey Hale murdered three children using a high powered rifle in what was called "TRANS DAY OF VENGEANCE" by supporters. Hale, like Butler, had said that their actions were due to the "genocide of Trans children", an entirely imagined phenomenon akin to mass psychosis.


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