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'TRANS DAY of VENGEANCE' Group Behind MASS SHOOTING Says Breitbart

'trans rights.. or else' threat issued just weeks before mass shooting.

The mass shooting by Audrey Hale, a 28-year-old transsexual who murdered three kids and three staffers at a Nashville Christian school Monday, was preceded by left-wing radicals calling for a “Trans Day of Vengeance.” reports Breitbart news.

In February, a group of transsexuals announced that “A Day of Vengeance” will be held between March 31 and April 2. Their specific goal is to “stop trans genocide” (which is a hoax), specifically by raising money for firearms.

The now-deleted tweets read…

We hope to see you in DC or online :)! The time is now, enough is enough. This country is full of hate and hate is NOT welcomed in this country. We are human beings and we will always exist. You are all worth it, let’s unite. #TransDayOfVengeance ️‍⚧️️‍⚧️ DANCE PARTY FUNDRAISER!! March 7th 8pm-2am @falloutrva 18+, $10 suggested admission Benefiting firearm/self defense training for trans Virginians. Come boogie with us and defend trans life!

The “Day of Vengeance” website is still up.

The mass shooting of children in Nashville on Monday shows a worrying escalation of activity by the Trans movement. The fact that they have now crossed the line from attention seeking activists to outright terrorists has gone unreported by the mainstream media.

This is not the first incident of trans violence either; In November of 2022, a Colorado man who carried out a mass-shooting in a gay nightclub, killing five and wounding 18, also identified as transsexual.

The far-left group are now openly campaigning for funds to buy high-powered assault rifles and are carrying out mass-shootings in what they describe as vengeance confirming what many has suspected for a long while, that trans groups are secretly terrorist organisations along with other far-left groups such as BLM and Antifa.

Breitbart go on to say: "This is what happens when you de-list something as a mental illness, and the corporate (taxpayer-funded) media urge them to buy firearms to protect themselves from “hate groups” (that don’t exist). Never forget that America had no issue with transsexuals and drag queens until transsexuals and drag queens started targeting our children for grooming and mutilation, ruining women’s sports, using the same locker rooms as our daughters, and demanding we buy into their delusions with the correct pronouns."

"We left these people alone. Then they declared war on us, the truth, and our kids."

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