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Schools Scheduled Covid Jabs for 12 to 15 year-olds Before Approval by JCVI

To say that there is something fishy going on with the JCVI over Child vaccinations is an understatement. Two weeks ago, no vaccine had been given a UK licence for use on any children, of any age, with the JCVI maintaining that there was no scientific justification for mass vaccination of those under 18.

Between then and last Monday something major must have happened. Some monumental discovery, some scientific breakthrough that completely changed their understanding of covid vaccines on children forever. Because the JCVI made a complete u-turn. The scientific body seemingly forgetting all their previous statements, and if we don't as well, there will be the inevitable public gaslighting that SAGE are so very fond of these days.

Last week, against all of their previous research, data, and analysis the JCVI granted use of the experimental gene therapy drug on 16 and 17 year olds.

However, far from this being a 'surprise' and an unexpected change in policy, the Mail on Sunday today published evidence that school children, of all age-groups, were targeted for the vaccine all along. Schools had already written to parents in dozens of local authorities with the scheduled date of their child's forthcoming vaccination.

One such school John Ferneley College in Leicestershire, was said to have just ' jumped the gun' on vaccinating under-16s when it told parents of children in years eight to eleven that pupils would be vaccinated at the school. In the letter, the school said first doses would be dished in mid-September and the second in early January 2022. This was not a letter seeking permission, this was a diktat, with the spectre of the child's education being withdrawn if the parents don't comply.

Molly Kingsley, co-founder of the parent campaign group UsForThem, said NHS trusts and schools are 'creating a presumption as to the JCVI decision'. Molly stated: 'My main worry is will my children still be able to go to school if they don't have it?' adding 'This is wrong for many reasons but not least because it shows they are creating pressure towards a course of action without regard to the medical benefits or risks to the children supposedly in their care.'

Remember, there is absolutely no long-term safety data associated with any Covid-19 Vaccines whatsoever, and with only 1 child in 3 Million actually dying from the virus, there is no scientific justification for them to have it either. The only 'reason' given is that would supposedly stop the child spreading the virus. Only it won't; and it doesn't. None of the current crop of vaccines stops the spread; the last, and flimsiest, reason used to blackmail parents into letting their children have the jab is also a red herring.

So what WAS the monumental new piece of evidence, so brilliant, so conclusive, so amazing that it trumps all the above and why, given its need to be fundamental in nature, haven't SAGE told us what that new evidence was? Could it be that there's actually no new evidence and that your child was always the target of these Mengele-style psychopaths?

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Mark Wijesinghe
Mark Wijesinghe
Aug 10, 2021

Didn't the JVCI sack their chief scientist then make the u turn ?

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