Vaccinating Youngsters: Lambs to the Slaughter

The government have now made clear that they're coming for your children. The plan is to jab all children, including newborns, within five years. The plan is that every citizen must be injected, there will be know exceptions.

Imagine a virus so deadly that 99.6% recover from it, for most it's no worse than a mild cold, and for millions the only way to know you have it is by a lab test. A virus so deadly that you have to be shamed, threatened and bribed to get the vaccine. The government know that we can see with our own eyes that this is nothing more than a scam, and we're not likely to get the jab without some type of coercion so wheeled in vaccine passports.

About 2.7million young people, that’s roughly 33 per cent of Brits aged 18-30, have so far resisted the tyrannical pleas to get vaccinated against Covid-19, a disease that is less dangerous to their age group than influenza. For youngsters the virus has a vanishingly small risk attached. The vaccine, on the other hand, has a real risk and the data suggests, the younger you are, the higher that risk becomes. The risk of death from the vaccine for the 18-30 age group is over 400% higher than the virus, and if you extrapolated that risk factor for children than you see that the vaccine presents a real risk of killing the child. Risk of Death from the vaccine is likely to be 1600% higher than from the virus itself, yet the Government soldier on with the plan regardless.

It cannot be said often enough, none of the Covid-19 vaccines have any long-term safety data. In the United Kingdom alone they have already been associated with 1,500 deaths and over one million adverse reactions including blindness, blood clots, paralysis, MS and stillbirths.

Anyone who dismisses these adverse reactions as ‘extremely rare’ would do well to remember that the swine flu vaccine Pandremix was withdrawn over just one extremely rare, debilitating but non-fatal side effect (narcolepsy). and we haven't even touched on the Thalidomide scandal as most young people don't even know that Governments and Pharmaceutical companies have form, with many of the very same players in previous scandals that maimed and killed thousands participating in the current totalitarian nightmare.

Yet Cabinet Ministers like Michael Gove, a former user of illegal cocaine by his own admission, are happily resorting to peer pressuring youngsters into taking another non-market authorised substance, branding those who decline it as ‘selfish’. Boris Johnson of all people dared to lecture nightclub owners about ‘social responsibility’ and last week his loathsome little helper Grant Shapps threatened young people directly, ‘If you’re a younger person and you want to go clubbing, now is the time to go and book your coronavirus vaccine. You can do it immediately and that should give you enough time, just about, to be able to, by the autumn, go to nightclubs.’ Shapps also claimed that 1 in 3 people who are Pinged by the NHS lockdown App go on to develop symptoms, which is another lie, there is no evidence of that whatsoever, nor is there any system to report it if they did. Pure lies.

This is just horrible. But it marks a significant turning point, equivalent to the moment a domestic abuser forgets himself and hits his partner in public, confirming the suspicions of those who could tell he was a wrong ‘un but couldn’t quite prove it. Now that the abusers have outed themselves, they resort to desperate, pathetic pleas, offering gifts to win their victims back. Accept these flowers and a box of chocolates, or else!

Last week, Tower Hamlets Council and the local NHS Trust hosted a ‘Summer vaccine festival’ in Langdon Park, where suckers and dupes from across